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Andromeda: Rebirth of Humanity APK

Andromeda: Rebirth of Humanity

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Package ID:com.NullReferenceGames.Andromeda

  • Introduction

Andromeda: Rebirth of Humanity is not your typical game. Developed by one person over the course of several years, it has been shaped by user feedback and ideas to become what it is today. This app is a constant work in progress, offering a digital universe in your pocket complete with its own virtual economy and a thriving community. It's not a game you can pick up for just an hour and expect to get much out of it. Instead, Andromeda is a strategic experience that requires thought and planning to succeed. With an emphasis on economy, you can colonize solar systems, build structures, and generate resources over time. It's a unique mix of a 4X space game, a Universe Simulator, and a Tycoon game. Engage in 1v1 fleet battles to defend territories and help friends, while also expanding your own interstellar empire. It's a game that offers endless gameplay possibilities, whether you prefer PvP or a more relaxed experience, and with no intrusive micro-transactions or ads.

Features of Andromeda: Rebirth of Humanity:

> Constant work in progress: The app has been continuously developed based on user feedback and ideas, making it constantly evolving and improving.

> Digital universe in your pocket: It offers a virtual universe experience with its own economy and a community of players to interact with.

> Strategy-focused gameplay: Unlike idle clicker games, this app requires careful thought and strategy to succeed.

> Economy-oriented: The app emphasizes on colonizing solar systems and building structures to generate resources over time, combining elements of space exploration, universe simulation, and a tycoon game.

> Fleet Battles and Land Battles: Engage in 1v1 fleet battles to defend territories or invade planets. Build defenses on your own planets for added protection.

> Micro-transactions and ads: The app only offers cosmetic or convenience perks for micro-transactions, and optional ads for users to watch.


Andromeda offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that sets it apart from other games. With continuous updates based on user feedback, it is a constantly evolving digital universe that players can explore and conquer. The strategic gameplay and emphasis on economy make it an engaging experience that requires skill and planning. Whether you prefer fleet battles or land battles, the app provides a variety of gameplay options. Additionally, the app offers micro-transactions for cosmetic enhancements and optional ads, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Don't miss out on the opportunity to download and become a part of this captivating virtual universe.


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  • Isn't this just a copy of Galaxy Colonizer.. Seems exactly the same game format ..
    2024-06-27 22:47:09
  • Can i give you more than 5 stars?? Your game is AMAZING....really awesome....this is how galaxy-theme game should be....THUMBS UP
    2024-06-27 20:10:36
  • Amazing Game, and amazing response between the player and the programmer
    2024-06-25 11:03:41
  • Great game. The developer is very active and responsive. Great community all around
    2024-06-23 10:43:03
  • Great work. Absolutely no pay to win.
    2024-06-22 12:48:16
  • Looks like Master of Orion (DOS version). I mean that it looks like you used some of the same skins.
    2024-06-21 08:22:16