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  • Introduction

Step into the cosmic shoes of the Reaper in the engaging arcade simulator, "Peace, Death!". As a celestial judge in Apocalypse, Inc., your task is to determine the eternal fates of souls. But it's not as straightforward as it seems. Each soul that lines up on your desk carries unique features that hint at their destination. From murderers to angels, their moral status defines their career path. Be prepared for chaos as random catastrophes disrupt your work, testing your speed and judgment. With weekly events, themed judgments, and new features in the Hand of F update, your journey as Deaths right-hand Reaper is bound to be unpredictable and thrilling. So, are you ready to embark on an everlasting adventure? Eternity awaits!

Features of Peace, Death!:

- Unique Soul Features: Each soul in the game has distinctive attributes that hint at their eternal destination. Uncover hidden traits and make moral judgments that have career-defining consequences.

- Random Catastrophes: Prepare for unexpected chaos as random catastrophes disrupt your work. Handle these curveballs with speed and judgment to unlock fresh clients and boost your reputation.

- Weekly Events: Experience a variety of challenges each week, from frantic phone calls to undercover agents and kidnappers. Show off your reaping prowess and enjoy the chance to whip up comforting bowls of soup.

- Themed Judgments: Every seventh day brings a themed judgment, allowing you to decide the fate of souls with flair. Choose from different backdrops, soundtracks, and vibes to enhance your reaper experience.

- Peace, Death! Hand of F: The new update adds more layers to the game with everlasting gameplay, new catastrophes like Inquisitors and madcap YouTubers, and the introduction of legendary and mysterious characters. Enjoy a grand apartment, quests, food options, workplace enhancements, and a deck of Fate cards for a truly unpredictable experience.

- Laughs, Surprises, and Challenges: Beyond life-and-death decisions, this app offers entertainment through its humorous moments, unexpected surprises, and challenging tasks. As Deaths right-hand Reaper, you'll embark on an adventure filled with laughs, surprises, and challenges.


Find yourself immersed in the cosmic shoes of the Reaper with the captivating arcade simulator, "Peace, Death!" This unique app challenges your judgment and skills as you navigate the eternal fates of souls. With its compelling features such as unique soul attributes, random catastrophes, weekly events, themed judgments, the Hand of F update, and a blend of laughs, surprises, and challenges, this app offers an exceptionally entertaining experience. Ready to embark on an unpredictable journey? Download now and be prepared for eternity!


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  • Boring, basic and repetitive. There's just not much here to like. Seems like it had promise but the basic controls and basic design just weren't polished enough to keep my attention long.
    2024-06-24 04:11:45
  • Despite the timatics, the game improves the mood. The graphics complement the gameplay and look great. I hope that the game will be supplemented many times by new elements.
    2024-06-24 00:52:48
  • Works very smoothly. Most games on my phone tend to crash quickly, or have immense amount of lag. Quick and entertaining game when you want to play a short game!
    2024-06-23 15:13:11
  • A fun sorting game that tests muscle memory and vigilance, with some crude and dark humour. Some lines of dialogue are less tasteful than others, but nothing really detracts from the experience. Easy 5⭐
    2024-06-22 10:29:57
  • The game itself is solid and interesting, but god there's such a huge audio bug that I can't ignore it. The music constantly skips every second or so, and I have no clue why, but its excrutiatingly annoying.
    2024-06-21 17:02:25
  • The pixel art is great, i enjoy the concept and execution, worth it for something that isn't repetitive but deceptively simple and a good mental awareness challenge.
    2024-06-21 09:59:04