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  • Introduction

Merge Love – Inn Story Mod APK is not just a simple inn, but a place where guests from all walks of life are welcomed with exceptional customer service. As the owner, you have the opportunity to buy a home and turn it into multiple apartments for maximum investment return. With meticulous attention to every detail, from preparation to cleanup, you ensure that your guests' needs are met. By utilizing the fusion technique, you can create the right tools for the job and respond to customer demands effectively. Additionally, you can upgrade and improve your hotel, attracting even more customers. Serving delicious food is also a key aspect, as your culinary skills and extensive menu options will enhance the dining experience for your guests and solidify your reputation for excellence.

Features of Merge Love - Inn Story:

> Excellent customer service: The app allows you to provide the best customer service to guests from all backgrounds, ensuring their satisfaction.

> Upgrades and improvements: You can upgrade and improve your inn, from a modest establishment to a large hotel, attracting more customers and expanding your business.

> Solve puzzles: The app presents puzzles that need to be solved in order to facilitate innovation and progress in your business, adding an engaging element to the gameplay.

> Customization: You have the ability to buy new and more expensive furniture, rearrange rooms, and create the perfect beauty in your inn, giving you full control over the aesthetics.

> Culinary expertise: The app emphasizes the importance of serving delicious food, with the main character having extensive culinary knowledge to fulfill customer's requests for any dish.

> Reputation building: The quality of the food in the app affirms the inn's reputation for deliciousness, attracting even more customers and contributing to the success of your business.


Merge Love - Inn Story Mod APK offers an engaging gameplay experience where you can provide excellent customer service, upgrade and customize your inn, solve puzzles, showcase culinary expertise, and build a strong reputation for delicious food. Download the app now to embark on your journey of creating the perfect inn and welcoming guests from all backgrounds!


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  • What's the point of this game. No decoration or builds to aim for. Nothing .uninstalled
    2024-06-24 16:50:16
  • Playing this game for months. And now app won't open not responding. Kinda upset I can't play anymore.
    2024-06-23 18:25:05
  • Absolutely ZERO customer support. Too many glitches. Don't bother installing.
    2024-06-23 15:47:05
  • I do like this game,but it loads,then freezes.
    2024-06-23 02:33:45
  • The update is literally so ugly why did they change it I can't even look at the game anymore. It's giving wanna be royal high. I loved the game before. They took away everything I liked about the game
    2024-06-22 23:30:10
  • Addicted to this game. I do like the fact that I can watch videos for 25 energy each video, 4 videos every hour. Makes the game more fun. Thanks for that!
    2024-06-22 19:45:26