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  • Introduction

Dead Paradise is an adrenaline-pumping smartphone game that takes racing to a whole new level. In a dystopian world, you find yourself racing against fierce opponents, guns blazing, in a desperate bid to save your family. The game offers rapid action, wild gunplay, and explosive destruction as you navigate treacherous tracks. But be prepared, as your adversaries won't just race against you; they will relentlessly pursue you in vehicles armed to the teeth. Improve your race vehicle with upgrades like missiles, armor, and fuel to ensure your survival and defeat the final boss. Can you escape the clutches of death and emerge as the ultimate champion? Unleash your driving skills and conquer the post-apocalyptic battleground in Dead Paradise.

Features of Dead Paradise:

> Unique gameplay - Race automobiles to victory using your arms, combining the thrill of racing with combat.

> Rapid action and destruction - Experience intense and fast-paced gameplay with gunplay and destruction.

> Challenging battles - Face off against road warrior battles, race circuit objectives, and death races to defeat the games final bosses.

> Unlockable garage improvements - Level up or win races to unlock various enhancements for your vehicles such as missiles, armor, motors, and fuel.

> Diverse vehicle options - Choose from a variety of available autos, including monster trucks, to customize your racing experience.

> Interactive game world - Explore useful locations like the local saloon and the map store to find work and interact with characters who can help you improve your chances of winning.


Dead Paradise is an action-packed smartphone game that offers a unique combination of racing and combat. With its thrilling gameplay, challenging battles, unlockable upgrades, and diverse vehicle options, this game provides an immersive and exciting gaming experience. Race against other players, shoot adversaries, complete challenging tasks, and battle gang bosses to save your family in this post-apocalyptic world. So click to download Dead Paradise now and prove your mettle as the ultimate racer and fighter!


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  • Too fast, the ending. I was thinking it might just go to a island and continue the game. It just stops. What happens when. You finally replay all areas the 3 more times? We shall see
    2024-06-24 22:56:07
  • its a great game on every level , the only probleme is the ads after every stage , if you make it every 2 or 3 stages it will do , and pls fix the glitch in offline in wich i stated earlier , and thanks for reading
    2024-06-24 21:23:24
  • Good but it needs to make some levels replayable without removing the levels after the fourth play on said level example is mission 1 after the fourth replay it disappears. Like what happened?
    2024-06-24 02:57:05
  • Just playing few a few hours I really love. Playpass helps. A lot. Fun. Good tension release. But then shooting games/shooting does that. Take it from a form Army Rifle Team Commander. Peace out ya'll.
    2024-06-23 06:55:28
  • I want pvp racing mode in this game because I love pvp racing. This game is awsome very nice gameplay but please improve graphic design and driving is realistic but people are not realistic they are sections I give 4 start but I love so much this so I give 5 start . As soon as possible give the update of pvp racing mode because love so much pvp racing and option of customization for car.
    2024-06-23 04:36:11
  • Freemium trash. Not sure why this is on the play pass, seeing as you can't "unlock" anything without their premium currency, and they removed the premium currency unlock feature that play pass usually comes with. Hard pass
    2024-06-22 02:45:02