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  • Introduction

Experience the exhilarating world of Dragon Epic, a shoot 'em up game where you have the opportunity to evolve and train twenty majestic dragons with unique attacks and spells. By dedicating time to their training, you'll witness the growth of their powers, allowing you to unleash devastating abilities. Compete in the Legendary Leagues and vanquish evil foes to cement your status as a legendary dragon master. Initially, you start with a single dragon, but as you progress, you can hatch additional dragons from eggs. Merge dragons to create even stronger creatures, and brace yourself for intense battles as your adversaries relentlessly attack. With its captivating gameplay and fire-filled dragon encounters, Dragon Epic is the ultimate path to legendary greatness.

Features of Dragon Epic:

> Evolve and train 20 unique dragons with different attacks and spells.

> Strengthen your dragons by training them, increasing their powers.

> Compete in Legendary Leagues and defeat evil enemies to become a legend.

> Hatch dragon eggs to unlock new dragons and add them to your team.

> Use strategic placement to make dragons evolve into stronger creatures.

> Enjoy intense fire-filled dragon battles that will get your adrenaline pumping.


Dragon Epic is an exciting shoot 'em up game that offers a thrilling experience of evolving and training dragons. With its unique features, such as hatching dragon eggs and strategic placement for evolution, players can create a powerful team of dragons. Competing in Legendary Leagues and defeating enemies will allow players to become legends in the game. The intense dragon battles will keep players engaged and provide an adrenaline-pumping experience. Download Dragon Epic now to embark on an epic dragon adventure!


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