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  • Introduction

Welcome to the exciting world of sheep farming! In Wool Rush: Idle Farming game, you take on the role of a skilled farmer entrusted with managing your very own flock of sheep. Your main objective is to grow your farm by processing the precious wool and succulent meat derived from your adorable sheep and then selling these valuable resources for a considerable profit. To achieve this, you can visit both the wool station and meat station, where you'll transform the raw materials into sought-after products. Progressing through the game, you can even hire diligent workers who will assist you in catching sheep, multiplying your growth in record time. As your wealth increases, you'll be able to expand your farm by purchasing new properties. The game features addictive gameplay, delightful animations, and a captivating storyline that will transport you into the enchanting world of farming and management. If you're seeking an engaging and immersive experience, look no further than this idle arcade sheep farming game. Begin constructing your farm today and witness your dreams of becoming a prosperous sheep farmer come true!

Features of Wool Rush: Idle Farming:

❤️ Manage your own flock of sheep: Experience the life of a farmer as you take charge of your very own flock of sheep. Make decisions and take care of them to ensure their well-being and productivity.

❤️ Process wool and meat: Visit the wool station and meat station to turn the wool and meat from your sheep into valuable resources. Utilize these resources to generate profit and grow your farm.

❤️ Sell processed wool and meat: Earn money by selling the processed wool and meat to buyers. Maximize your profits and watch your farm thrive.

❤️ Hire workers: Speed up the growth of your farm by hiring workers to help you catch sheep. These dedicated employees will ensure that your farm operates smoothly and efficiently.

❤️ Expand your farm: Use your hard-earned earnings to buy new properties and expand your farm. Unlock new areas and increase the size of your flock for greater success.

❤️ Addictive gameplay with engaging storyline: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of farming and management. Enjoy fun animations and a compelling storyline that will keep you hooked as you build your farm.


Step into the thrilling world of sheep farming and become a successful farmer. Take care of your flock, process their wool and meat, and sell them for profit. Hire workers to expedite your growth and unlock new properties to expand your farm. With addictive gameplay, compelling storyline, and entertaining animations, Wool Rush: Idle Farming game is a must-play for farm enthusiasts. Start building your farm today and experience the joy of being a successful sheep farmer! Click now to download and embark on a farming adventure.


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  • Can't unlock new area? 10 truck orders have been filled, but nothing happens.
    2024-06-24 20:33:47
  • That's kinda funny! Animations can be better, and the store next to the farm is not really Intresting, could be better designed. Thanks develoeprs, keep it up!
    2024-06-24 13:05:34
  • I did everything it told me to unlock the new area but it won't unlock what's going on
    2024-06-23 13:59:09
  • Sheeps are fun! But there are more animals like cow we can use in the farm. Please add cow, hen, pigs,etc.
    2024-06-21 22:54:14