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  • Introduction

Embark on a thrilling journey through ancient Egypt with Jewels of Egypt, a captivating app that will transport you to a world of hidden truths and ancient secrets waiting to be uncovered. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Egypt as you build a thriving city, complete with breathtaking structures and clever city-building features. But beware, for danger lurks in the shadows as power-hungry enemies attempt to overthrow your reign. Engage in epic battles and protect what you hold dear, utilizing your match-3 skills to overcome challenges and earn valuable rewards. With countless tasks and objectives to complete, as well as the opportunity to exchange precious packages for your progress, Jewels of Egypt offers endless excitement and adventure. Prepare to rule Egypt with your wits and honor as you restore its greatness and become a legendary figure in its history.

Features of Jewels of Egypt:

- Fascinating journey in an ancient city within Egypt, uncovering hidden truths.

- Unique city-building gameplay with extra features for a fun experience.

- Intriguing story of court conspiracies, ingenious ideas, and historical events.

- Progression through building various structures and ruling Egypt with your wits.

- Engaging missions to fight against the power-hungry Irsu and protect your civilization.

- Numerous tasks and objectives with the opportunity to earn extra rewards.


Explore hidden truths, build a thriving city, and uncover court conspiracies in this unique and enjoyable game. Fight against evil forces, complete tasks, and protect your civilization using your match-3 skills. With numerous missions and rewards, you'll be hooked on the excitement of this captivating app. Don't miss out - download Jewels of Egypt now and start your epic journey today.


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  • I do love this game, however, Only thing is you run out of energy too fast, and have to wait 4 hours before you can play again, or spend 100 bucks trying to advance to another level. The graphics are great and lots of fun things to do, just need more energy so we don't have to wait so long to play!!
    2024-06-24 15:05:02
  • Game is not functioning well. Not sure why I can't tap on the friends or another of the icons. I believe I found all the pieces to the Mascarade hall, but still can't play. HELP! Uninstalled and reinstalled and still can't play. After waiting to see if the game will be fixed (after months) the game has the same issues. Can't tap on any icons and that means not able to open and receive gifts or collection items. I am stuck. I love these games but don't understand why I can't get any help.
    2024-06-24 12:40:17
  • I really love this game, but it keeps giving me problems since yesterday. Some levels give me a different amount of moves to make a level, like this morning I only had 5 moves to complete a hard level. I don't know what to do because I love this game, please help!!!!
    2024-06-23 15:05:48
  • This is a good way to spend time. It has good colours. The games are short and the woman proffering goods is annoying. Good amount of interesting characters.
    2024-06-22 18:10:57
  • This is a fun different take on a jewel match game. They have a few tricks to get you to spend $ but it's not obnoxious. The sounds are great and pleasing animations make this very well produced. I've been through jewel legends about 6 times in the last 5 years, too...
    2024-06-21 07:10:21
  • A typical G5 game. It's great in the beginning, but after a certain level, without boosters, levels are almost impossible to pass, unless you don't mind being stuck for days. You need gems to purchase just about everything, but it's the one thing that you get almost none of. There's only 2 boosters that you can get without gems and they're the suckiest boosters. I know developers will have the typical comeback, " you don't have to spend cash, blah, blah, blah ". Don't believe them. UNINSTALLED!
    2024-06-20 02:16:46