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  • Introduction

Welcome to "Streetball2: On Fire"! This brand new mobile game is the ultimate platform for you to showcase your streetball skills and style. With improved controls and simplified gameplay, mastering the game has never been easier. Create your own lineup from a diverse roster of players and customize their abilities to match your gameplay preferences. Compete against players from around the world in a variety of game modes that will keep you hooked. The game boasts top-notch sensitivity and graphics, ensuring a smooth and immersive gaming experience. Say goodbye to cheating, as fair competition is at the core of this game. Show off your creativity by designing your own basketball court with unique details and graffiti decorations. Get ready to ignite the streets and dominate the competition in "Streetball2: On Fire"!

Features of Streetball2: On Fire:

❤️ Improved Details and Simplified Controls: The game has optimized controls for easier gameplay and added a full voice chat function to enhance communication with friends.

❤️ Versatile Lineup with Unique Players: Choose from a variety of basketball positions and select players from different countries. Customize their abilities and personalities to create your own exclusive player.

❤️ Multiple Game Modes: Experience a variety of streetball game modes that constantly change, ensuring each game is full of passion and freshness.

❤️ Top-Notch Sensitivity and Improved Graphics: The game offers high-definition graphics with smooth controls, allowing for a seamless gaming experience without lag.

❤️ Fair Competition without Cheating: The game uses innovative anti-hack technology to ensure fair competitions solely based on skill and accurate judgments.

❤️ DIY Basketball Court: Showcase your creativity by designing and decorating your own basketball court with unique graffiti and details.


"Streetball2: On Fire" is a competitive mobile game that lets you showcase your streetball skills and personal fashion. With simplified controls and improved graphics, the game provides a seamless gaming experience. The variety of game modes and unique lineup of players add excitement and freshness to each game. The emphasis on fair competition without cheating promotes skill-based gameplay. Additionally, the DIY basketball court feature allows you to unleash your creativity and personalize your gaming experience. Download now to experience the thrill of streetball in your hands.


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