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  • Introduction

In Dark of Alchemist - Dungeon Cr, you find yourself in an eerie old castle with a haunting ambiance. As the protagonist, you're not a seasoned warrior, but a regular individual whose life is constantly on the line. Even the weakest of creatures can overpower you if you're not cautious. To survive, you must be observant of your surroundings and employ a range of strategic maneuvers, whether it's stealthily hiding or executing a surprise attack that takes down your foes. Additionally, you'll have to craft your own weapons and healing items using the materials found in the dungeon, continually enhancing your capabilities to overcome previously unbeatable enemies. Every decision you make, such as advancing or retreating, fighting or concealing, and the items you choose to collect or abandon, will directly impact your chances of survival!

Features of Dark of Alchemist - Dungeon Cr:

⭐️ Immersive Atmosphere: The game is set in an old castle with a dark and foreboding atmosphere, creating a thrilling and intense gaming experience.

⭐️ Challenging Gameplay: As the main character, you'll face monsters that can defeat you if you're not careful. You'll need to pay close attention to your surroundings and use different tactics to survive.

⭐️ Crafting System: You must create essential equipment and healing items through item alchemy. Combine materials found in the dungeon to craft powerful items that will help you defeat enemies you couldn't handle before.

⭐️ Strategic Decision-Making: To survive, you'll need to make critical decisions throughout the game. Choose whether to move forward or retreat, fight or hide, and which items to prioritize. Each choice you make will impact your survival rate.

⭐️ Dark Fantasy Narrative: Explore an intriguing storyline where you seek revenge for your father's murder by a god from another world. Encounter monsters and treasure-seeking explorers as you ascend through the castle.

⭐️ Alchemy Skills: Utilize the alchemy skills passed down by your father, a great alchemist, to overcome challenges and reach the top floor where the murderer awaits.


Dark of Alchemist - Dungeon Cr offers an immersive atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and a captivating dark fantasy narrative. By combining a strategic decision-making system with a unique crafting and alchemy feature, players will feel engaged and motivated to survive and seek revenge. Dive into this thrilling adventure and download the app now.


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