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  • Introduction

Hello and welcome to our exhilarating Biathlon VR game that will take your gaming experience to new heights! Whether you're a solitary player or want to challenge your friends, this multiplayer game is perfect for you. And guess what? You can even play it in virtual reality or 3D for a truly immersive experience. Use your VR headset and your smartphone's Gyro, touchscreen, or an optional GameController to ski as fast as you can and hit all the targets. For VR beginners, remember to move your head to control your character and use your eyes to look around instead of moving your head too much to avoid any motion sickness. Relax and enjoy the ride! Just a friendly reminder to stay aware of your surroundings in the real world, even though you can't get hurt in the virtual reality world. So, keep a safe distance from any potential obstacles that may trip you up or unintentionally break. For more tips and the best experience, visit our website.

Features of Biathlon VR:

- Multiplayer Game: Play the game on your own or with friends using the same WiFi.

- VR or 3D: Enjoy the immersive experience of playing the game in Virtual Reality (VR) or 3D.

- Various Control Options: Use Gyro, touchscreen, or an optional GameController to play the game.

- Tips for VR Beginners: Learn how to control your character effectively, minimize motion sickness, and get the best experience in VR.

- Device Recommendation: For optimal performance in VR, the app recommends using a device with a fast processor and 8 cores.

- Safety Reminder: While playing in the virtual reality world, remember to be cautious in the real world to avoid accidents or damage to your surroundings.


Ski at high speeds, hit targets, and have a thrilling experience with this multiplayer game. Choose between VR or 3D modes and control your character with various options. With helpful tips for VR beginners, you can easily adapt and enjoy the game without any motion sickness. For the best experience, ensure your device has a fast processor and 8 cores. Stay safe by being aware of your surroundings in the real world. Download Biathlon VR now to embark on an exciting skiing adventure!


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