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Card Crawl Adventure

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Package ID:com.tinytouchtales.cardcrawladventure

  • Introduction

In Card Crawl Adventure, get ready for an intriguing puzzle game that will test your strategic skills and keep you hooked for hours. Your mission is to conquer the world and uncover its hidden treasures, but it won't be easy. You must devise cunning strategies and strategically play your cards to defeat monstrous enemies and claim their valuable loot. Visit different pubs around the world, engage in solitaire-style card battles, and combine cards to create powerful attacks with magical spells. With its unique gameplay and dramatic matchups, this game offers an exciting and challenging experience for everyone. Don't miss out on the chance to become the ultimate treasure hunter in Card Crawl Adventure!

Features of Card Crawl Adventure:

❤️ Innovative gameplay: Card Crawl Adventure offers an innovative twist on the classic card game solitaire. The game challenges players to build their deck based on different character classes and devise effective combat strategies.

❤️ Strategic calculations: The emphasis on strategy in the game requires players to perform strategic calculations and arrange their smart cards optimally to defeat enemies and claim valuable treasures.

❤️ Interesting puzzle game: The game presents a challenge where players must figure out how to eliminate monsters and take their treasures. This adds an interesting puzzle element to the gameplay.

❤️ World full of mysteries: Players are encouraged to explore various pubs worldwide and participate in exciting spread challenges. The game introduces a new way of playing and provides a unique gaming experience.

❤️ Unique and strategic gameplay: Card Crawl Adventure offers a fun and challenging experience with unique and strategic gameplay. Players need to arm themselves with powerful cards to gain an advantage in combat.

❤️ Exciting side games and rewards: The game offers enticing side games and rewards, including solitaire tournaments, daily bonuses, and wheel spin challenges. Players have the opportunity to earn rare cards and collect valuable treasures.


Card Crawl Adventure is an entertaining and innovative game that combines the classic card game solitaire with strategic gameplay. It offers an interesting puzzle experience, a world full of mysteries to explore, and various exciting side games and rewards. Players will enjoy the challenge of building their deck and devising effective combat strategies to defeat enemies and claim valuable treasures. Download the app now to embark on a brand-new gaming adventure and have enjoyable moments.


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  • This game is almost the same as card thief. The similarities are so big, therefore it's nothing like card crawl.
    2024-06-23 10:16:12
  • Need buy to unlock Another hero and if you lose or wins you not grow in any way uninstalling.
    2024-06-22 17:16:45
  • I have enjoyed this company's prior games (like Card Thief). This is a delightful update to their card crawl game.
    2024-06-22 10:05:29
  • Was already a massive and long running fan of card thief and card crawl. Card Crawl Adventure is 100% the best of them all. You have an eternal customer and fan in me.
    2024-06-21 09:37:32
  • So excited to try this game, the email this morning made me smile! Thanks, Card Crawl's creators :)
    2024-06-21 05:13:27
  • Thank you! Love your games and original is still one of my favorites. This is no different
    2024-06-20 12:08:04