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  • Introduction

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of formula racing with Ala Mobile GP. This app takes the concept of formula racing to a whole new level, offering you an unparalleled gaming experience. With a wide variety of F1 cars to choose from, each with its own unique features and customization options, you can truly make your mark on the racing scene. The realistic graphics and immersive environment will transport you to the heart of the action, while the endless career mode keeps you engaged and constantly pushing for new heights. Challenge other players online, tune your controls to your preference, and strategically plan out your races to come out on top. Get ready to race like never before with Ala Mobile GP!

Features of Ala Mobile GP:

- Realistic Graphics with an Immersive Environment: The game offers stunning 3D graphics that bring the racing events to life. The visuals are designed with great attention to detail and provide a high-end gaming experience.

- Endless Formula Racing Career: The career mode offers a vast expansion system with a variety of content to keep you engaged in every race. Unlock new gameplay modes and connect with a large multiplayer community for endless fun.

- Customizable Formula Cars: As you progress in your career, new F1 car models will become available, each with its own unique customization system. Upgrade performances and add new functions to enhance your racing abilities.

- Tune Controls to your Preferences: The game provides sophisticated and flexible controls to help you master your racing skills efficiently. Customize the controls to match your style and achieve great accomplishments in your races.

- Challenge Other Players for Fun: Engage in thrilling multiplayer races and compete with other players for the title of the best racer. Enjoy custom games and tournaments with generous rewards to further enhance your skills.

- Effective Race Planning: Plan your races strategically to maintain your position and maximize performance. Utilize the resupply system and assistance from teammates and sponsors to ensure you have the edge over other players.


Experience the ultimate immersive racing game with Ala Mobile GP. With realistic graphics, endless career opportunities, customizable cars, and challenging multiplayer races, this app provides an exhilarating gaming experience. Customize your controls, plan your races effectively, and compete against the best racers to become a champion. Download Ala Mobile GP now and get ready for the most thrilling entertainment on your mobile device.


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  • It's a nice game I like how fast the car goes how good the enemy can defend and I got my first podium in my first race
    2024-06-24 11:34:26
  • It's a decent game overall in my opinion try to improve gaphics (adding DRS animation), As well as adding diffrent steering wheel's of each team, The racing line should be improved as well i've used it and it keeps on disapearing during the races it's some what a little bit annoying but not that big of an issue. But overall your starting out great keep on improving and I know your gonna do great thing in the future with this game
    2024-06-23 21:28:40
  • The game is good. The AI is just bad as Pastor Maldonado's awareness. The AI didn't care if you there or not they just follow the racing line and rear ended you and ruined you're race, they are also so aggressive and defending like a dinosaur not a Lion. I came here to review because it's already annoying that everyrace i was spun due to these bots that is not enjoyable anymore. Also there's a problem during and after safecar so pls check it. Your game is good just check it and see to yourself.
    2024-06-23 07:11:49
  • I don't care how the graphics look or the game looks. I just want good physics and decent damage model. Please work on the controls and physics, graphics are secondary. This game can be on top as there aren't much options available for f1 racing games out there. I would to play it but with improved controls and driving physics.
    2024-06-23 03:28:37
  • tbh I'd give this game 4 or maybe 5 rating before the update. The thing with the update is, the input for steering wheel is a bit delayed so when i try to take speeding corners, i have to like tilt my phone the way I don't want. The worst part is if you get off track by any chance, you'll have like the worst spin. On top of that the cars don't look out for you when you try to get on track so there will be high chance you'd have contact with them and get yourself drive through penalty.
    2024-06-22 07:15:19
  • I really enjoyed this game, even with the bugs. But your most recent update (Feb 4, 2020), has severly taken away from the game. No more option on the halo? The new options now doesn't have the original CENTERED overhead onboard driver camera! Now it just has a worse left sided overhead camera. I had to use the overhead because without review mirror fuction, it was almost impossible to use the helmet view. Its nice to have update liveries, but no ability to use the older, BETTER 2018 liveries.
    2024-06-21 14:55:23