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Сканворды: Большой сборник APK

Сканворды: Большой сборник

Rating: 4.3

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Package ID:com.almondstudio.scanword

  • Introduction

Welcome to a collection of scanwords like no other! Сканворды: Большой сборник app is designed to provide you with daily puzzles that will not only entertain you but also exercise your mind. What sets this app apart is that you can enjoy solving scanwords without the need for an internet connection. With a vast database of unique questions, you'll never run out of puzzles to solve. Plus, you can switch between a full keyboard and a reduced one for added convenience. Need a little help? No problem! Enjoy an unlimited number of hints to guide you. You can even compete with friends or see how you rank on the online leaderboards. Whether you're on your phone or tablet, this app is optimized for all screen sizes. With 11,500 questions and 520 crossword puzzles in total, there's something here for everyone. So why wait? Start challenging yourself and have a great time with our fascinating scanwords app!

Features of Сканворды: Большой сборник:

⭐️ Offline Scanwords Collection: Enjoy a collection of scanwords without needing an internet connection. Play anytime, anywhere and challenge your brain with puzzles for every day.

⭐️ Unique Scanwords by Our Team: Immerse yourself in the world of scanwords with our collection of unique puzzles created exclusively by our team. Experience new and exciting challenges every time you play.

⭐️ Unlimited Clues and Hints: Never get stuck while solving a scanword again. Our app offers an unlimited number of clues and hints to help you progress and find all the answers. Play without limits and improve your erudition.

⭐️ Convenient and User-Friendly Interface: Solve scanwords with ease using our app's intuitive interface. Switch effortlessly between a full keyboard and a reduced one for seamless gameplay. Enjoy the most convenient process of solving scanwords.

⭐️ Large Database of Questions: Expand your knowledge with a vast database of questions. With over 11,500 unique questions, you have endless opportunities to learn and test your intelligence.

⭐️ Online Ratings and Compete with Friends: Check out the online ratings to see where you stand among other players. Compete with your friends and challenge yourself to improve your skills. Compare your scores and achievements to find out who's the ultimate scanword solver.


Explore a world of scanwords with our offline puzzle app, Сканворды: Большой сборник. Challenge your mind, check your erudition, and have fun solving unique scanwords created by our talented team. With an abundance of questions, unlimited hints, and a user-friendly interface, this app provides the perfect platform for entertaining and educational gameplay. Compete with friends and see where you rank in the online ratings. Download now and embark on a journey of intellectual discovery!


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  • Good
    2024-06-17 16:00:07
  • Such a wonderful game! So interesting, so challenging! Thanks a lot!!! In addition, not many ads! Great!
    2024-06-17 01:50:09
  • Ребята, что за попытки собирать информацию с моего телефона через трекер Гугла? 343 попытки за один час! Мало того, что вы мне рекламу показываете, так вы ещё и инфу с телефона собираете? Не слишком ли жирно?
    2024-06-16 21:57:29
  • Класс!!!
    2024-06-16 03:16:53
  • Ждём новых кроссвордов. Остались 500+- и не едем дальше
    2024-06-16 03:03:11
  • Good
    2024-06-15 19:40:46