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  • Introduction

Strip Knight Nymphoria is an extraordinary app that takes you on an exhilarating adventure with Fumika Ichijo, a seemingly ordinary girl with an incredible secret. When she witnesses her friend being snatched by an evil organization, everything changes. Fumika transforms into a magical girl who harnesses her secret fetish as a formidable weapon against these wicked forces. As Nymphoria, her strength grows with the damage she endures in battle, but her innocence gradually slips away. In a desperate battle to protect herself from losing to evil, she embarks on a daring journey through the town, training and accumulating the astonishing power of shame. Along the way, she encounters molesters on a train, is enticed by cosplay otaku at a unique cafe, and faces the exposure of her school life to her classmates who subsequently request tantalizing favors. Prepare yourself for a series of thrilling, lewd events that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Features of Strip Knight Nymphoria:

> Unique storyline: Follow the journey of Fumika Ichijo, a plain girl turned magical girl, in her fight against evil organizations using her secret weapon.

> Transformation power: Nymphoria, the protagonist, harnesses the power of her shame, which gives her strength. The more damage her suit takes, the stronger she becomes.

> Realistic challenges: Experience the struggles faced by Nymphoria as she encounters molesters on a train, deals with cosplay otaku at a cosplay cafe, and even has her school exposure revealed.

> Training and power accumulation: Help Nymphoria prepare for battles by going out into the town to train and accumulate the power of shame.

> Lewd events: Engage in various lewd events that will stand in Nymphoria's way and test her strength and resolve.

> Suspenseful battles: Join Nymphoria in her battles against spies and monsters to rescue her friend and defeat evil organizations.


Join Fumika Ichijo in an extraordinary journey as she transforms into Nymphoria, the magical girl who fights evil using her secret fetish as a weapon. Explore a unique storyline filled with challenges, training, and lewd events. Will you be able to help Nymphoria overcome her struggles and defeat the evil organizations? Download this game now and embark on this thrilling adventure!


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