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  • Introduction

The story of Ahegao no Mori is that in the depths of the mysterious Forbidden Forest, a brave and skilled monster exterminator named Sherry embarks on a treacherous mission. Filled with curiosity and determination, she dives into the darkness where countless people have disappeared. Little does she know, her path will intersect with that of a captivating demon girl named Arin. Together, amidst a perilous landscape plagued by enigmatic and lascivious creatures, they forge an unlikely bond as they unravel the truth behind the forest's forbidden secret. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure that will test their strength, loyalty, and unearth the darkest secrets that lie within.

Features of Ahegao no Mori:

* Exciting Gameplay: Join Sherry, a brave monster exterminator, on an thrilling journey through the Forbidden Forest, where countless people have mysteriously vanished.

* Unique Characters: Encounter a fascinating demon girl named Arin, saved by Sherry from a terrifying demon assault. Together, they embark on a dangerous quest to protect her from the forest's dark secrets.

* Enigmatic Storyline: Dive deep into the heart of the Forbidden Forest as you unveil its forbidden secret. Experience a captivating narrative that will keep you hooked until the very end.

* Challenging Obstacles: Navigate through a forest brimming with lewd status abnormalities, providing an added layer of adventure and intensity. Overcome these obstacles and unlock new levels of excitement.

* Stunning Graphics: Immerse yourself in visually stunning landscapes and detailed character designs, enhancing your overall gaming experience. The intricate visuals will transport you into the heart of the Forbidden Forest.

* Download Now: Don't miss out on the opportunity to embark on this enthralling adventure. Join Sherry and Arin in their mission to survive and unravel the twisted secrets hidden within the Forbidden Forest. Download the app now and experience the thrill for yourself!


Discover a world of mystery and danger in this captivating Ahegao no Mori app. With exciting gameplay, unique characters, an enigmatic storyline, challenging obstacles, stunning graphics, and the promise of an unforgettable experience, this app is a must-download for adventure enthusiasts. Take the plunge into the Forbidden Forest, and let the journey begin!


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