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Onee Shota Infection! APK

Onee Shota Infection!

Rating: 4.1







Package ID:com.oi.luccisan

Developer:Peach Palette

  • Introduction

In this thrilling and tension-filled Onee Shota Infection! game, a mysterious and diabolical virus lurks within the halls of a spaceship. The virus, fueled by the desires of women, poses a grave threat to Shota, the only male onboard. Its growth is triggered by the slightest hint of erotica, leaving Shota to fend off the advances of lustful female sailors who have fallen victim to its insidious influence. As he navigates through the ship's rooms, filled with tantalizing secrets and hidden treasures, Shota must guard his chastity at all costs. Can he escape the clutches of these infected women and preserve his innocence? Embark on this daring adventure and discover the fate of our determined protagonist in this thrilling, nerve-wracking game.

Features of Onee Shota Infection!:

* Unique and thrilling storyline: Embark on a thrilling adventure as the main character, Shota, tries to protect his chastity from a demonic virus that preys on female sailors.

* Engaging gameplay: Run away from the infected female sailors who become increasingly horny and aggressive, creating a suspenseful and intense gaming experience.

* Challenging obstacles: Navigate through various rooms and evade capture by the virus-infected women, all while ensuring your penis remains unreactive to their erotic advances.

* Discover secrets and collect items: Uncover hidden secrets and search for valuable items such as underwear as you explore different areas on the spaceship, adding depth and immersion to the game.

* Stunning visuals and graphics: Immerse yourself in a visually captivating game environment, bringing the spaceship and its female inhabitants to life.

* Suspenseful encounters: In the unfortunate event of being captured, experience intense and unconventional gameplay mechanics where you must resist the aggressive advances of the infected female sailors.


Step into a unique and thrilling gaming experience with our Onee Shota Infection! app, where you must protect your chastity from a relentless demonic virus that targets the female sailors on a spaceship. Engage in challenging gameplay, navigate through various rooms, discover secrets, and evade capture in this visually stunning and suspenseful adventure. Will you be able to resist the virus-infected women and safeguard your virtue? Download now to find out and embark on an unforgettable journey.


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