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  • Introduction

Step into a world of mystery and deception with this captivating Spy Mission app. In this thrilling adventure, you are tasked with infiltrating the luxurious mansion of the infamous nobleman, Baron Orlando. As a skilled butler, your mission is to obtain hidden evidence that exposes the dark secrets of this lustful and scandalous baron. However, things take a unexpected turn when you are declared the baron's "favorite" due to your breathtaking beauty. As you navigate through this treacherous world, you must also help the baron's beloved girlfriend, Azami, all the while interacting with ten different maids and other mysterious visitors. Will you succeed in unraveling the baron's wicked deeds and escape with the heroine? Embark on this captivating journey of danger, romance, and intrigue to find out.

Features of Spy Mission:

❤️ Infiltrate a nobleman's mansion as a servant: The app allows you to step into the shoes of a servant and experience the thrill of undercover missions.

❤️ Obtain hidden evidence: Your mission is to search for and collect crucial evidence that is concealed within the mansion, adding an element of mystery and intrigue.

❤️ Baron Orlando: The owner of the mansion is a controversial character known for his scandalous reputation, which sets the stage for an exciting plot full of twists and turns.

❤️ Blend in as a skilled butler: You will have to showcase your skills as a butler to gain the trust of the other staff members, maintaining your cover throughout the game.

❤️ Interact with a variety of characters: Throughout the game, you will have the opportunity to interact with ten different maids and other unusual visitors, adding depth to the storyline and providing interesting dynamics.

❤️ Help the baron's beloved girlfriend Azami: In addition to your main mission, you must assist the baron's secret girlfriend, Azami, behind his back, creating further challenges and unexpected situations.


Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure as you infiltrate a nobleman's mansion, assume the role of a skilled servant, and uncover hidden evidence. With a captivating storyline, intriguing characters, and unique challenges, Spy Mission app guarantees an engaging experience that will keep you hooked until the very end. Click to download now and join the suspenseful journey!


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