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  • Introduction

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary farming journey with your loved ones in The Tribez Build a Village! Unlike other island or family games, this is a city-building simulator and adventure that revolves around a charming tribe leading a tranquil village life, cultivating crops, and taking care of adorable pets. Explore a hidden island settlement, encounter delightful virtual villagers, and enhance the village to transform it into a stunning town. Engage in exciting activities that are unique to this game, such as farming, gardening, and harvesting. With heartwarming moments and captivating characters, The Tribez Build a Village offers an exceptional farm adventure that the whole family will cherish. It can be played anytime and anywhere, even offline, and is remarkably easy to navigate. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of village life, farming, and adventure, and make this unforgettable journey with your loved ones today!

Features of The Tribez Build a Village:

- Charming tribe of virtual villagers

- Engaging activities and heartwarming moments

- Accessible gameplay, even offline

- Tons of amazing constructions to build

- Perfect game for the entire family


The Tribez Build a Village is a captivating farming adventure that offers a unique and enjoyable experience for players of all ages. With its charming virtual villagers, engaging activities, and accessible gameplay, it's the perfect game to download and play with your family. Whether you're on a long trip or simply looking for a fun way to pass the time, The Tribez Build a Village will immerse you in a vibrant world of village life, farming, and adventure. Don't miss out on the chance to explore this exciting game today!


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  • An average city builder, but the constant microtransaction pop-ups and obnoxiously boring and tedious "story" with no way to skip cutscenes, it's an awfully tedious experience.
    2024-06-13 16:28:19
  • It's a very fun game. I enjoy playing the game and have played it off and on for years, since it's released. Take time to build and expand your Tribe. It's fun!
    2024-06-13 15:03:54
  • Fun and interesting, lost my previous village on an older phone, so I started again. Some things feel like they take a long time to achieve, but otherwise it is good
    2024-06-13 07:44:04
  • In the Wonderland Event, my progression is not saving. I complete the task, come back later, and have to repeat it. Sometimes, it will be what I have completed, and the next, it has been undone.
    2024-06-12 11:37:44
  • Such a waste of time. When you earn quest rewards and watch it disappear in a blink of an eye.
    2024-06-12 04:01:39
  • great little game. just started playing but it is engaging and entertaining. relaxing also!
    2024-06-11 04:55:57