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Bid Wars Stars Multiplayer APK

Bid Wars Stars Multiplayer

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Package ID:com.byaliens.bid.wars.stars.multiplayer.auction.ba

  • Introduction

Bid Wars Stars Multiplayer is a thrilling and engaging virtual auction bidding game where players compete against each other in multiplayer storage wars. As you bid on abandoned storage lockers, filled with forgotten contents, your goal is to outmaneuver the competition and take home the most valuable treasures. With a starting equal amount of money, you must quickly inspect each locker in 3D and make strategic decisions based on the visible contents. But beware, locker modifiers and plot twists can impact the outcome, with some lockers hiding valuable items and others containing fakes or rare antiques. Choose from funny characters with unique abilities to help you win auctions, but be careful to select the right one for each locker. Bid Wars Stars Multiplayer is a game that requires quick thinking, careful strategy, and attention to detail, guaranteeing an exciting and challenging experience for all players.

Features of Bid Wars Stars Multiplayer:

❤️ Multiplayer storage wars: Compete against other players in exciting storage auctions.

❤️ 3D locker inspection: Inspect lockers in detail before making strategic bidding decisions.

❤️ Wide range of locker modifiers: Encounter surprises and plot twists that impact the outcome of auctions.

❤️ Unique funny characters: Choose from a variety of characters with special abilities and bidding styles.

❤️ Strategic decision-making: Select the right character and activate the best ability for each locker.

❤️ Thrilling virtual auction experience: Experience the thrill of outmaneuvering competitors and finding valuable treasures.


Bid Wars Stars Multiplayer is an engaging and addictive virtual auction bidding game that combines strategy, quick thinking, and attention to detail. With its multiplayer feature, players can compete against others in exciting storage wars and bid on abandoned lockers. The 3D locker inspection adds realism and allows players to make well-informed decisions. The game also offers a wide range of locker modifiers and funny characters with unique abilities, adding excitement and unpredictability to each auction. Download now and enjoy the thrilling experience of bidding and finding valuable treasures!


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