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  • Introduction

Experience the heart-pounding adventure of "Under Survival," an app that promises non-stop action. Delve into a sinister shelter where humanity stumbled upon advanced gear, resources, and experiments gone awry. Amidst the chaos, hordes of untreated monsters emerge, threatening humanity's existence. Your objective: fend off relentless attacks, devising strategic countermeasures to safeguard the base. Adapt to diverse enemy tactics and weaknesses as you explore the cursed sanctuary. Acquire resources, complete missions, and harness gene-altering viruses to bolster your abilities. Manage base resources, fortify structures, and deploy traps to repel relentless assaults. Engage in real-time battles, strategizing with an array of weapons and skills. Form alliances, enhancing your odds in epic battles against the monstrous horde. Brace yourself for an unparalleled gaming adventure. Can you endure the onslaught and rescue humanity? Download "Under Survival" now!

Features of Under Survival:

* Intense and Exciting Gameplay: Players will face constant monster attacks and need to respond quickly, cleverly avoid them, and launch counterattacks, providing a thrilling gaming experience.

* Variety of Monsters: The game offers different types of monsters, each with unique attack methods and weaknesses. Players must understand their characteristics to effectively combat them.

* Exploration and Resource Gathering: Besides surviving within the base, players can explore the cursed sanctuary, search for resources, unravel the truth, and find ways to fight the monsters.

* Genetic Mutations: By collecting resources and completing tasks, players can obtain gene mutated viruses to enhance their abilities and gain an advantage in battles.

* Base Management: Players need to manage resources, repair buildings, set traps, and reinforce defensive structures to resist monster attacks.

* Rich Task System: The game features a diverse task system, offering generous rewards for completing tasks, giving players a deeper and more rewarding gaming experience.


Under Survival offers an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience where players must survive constant monster attacks and launch counterattacks. With a variety of monsters and unique gameplay mechanics such as genetic mutations and base management, this app offers engaging and thrilling gameplay. The inclusion of exploration, resource gathering, and a rich task system adds depth to the game, providing users with hours of immersive entertainment. Download now to experience the excitement of fighting for survival against hordes of monsters.


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