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  • Introduction

Experience the world of farming like never before with Farming Simulator 23 Mobile (FS23). This award-winning agricultural simulation game puts you in the driver's seat of over one hundred authentic machines from renowned manufacturers. Take on the role of a modern-day agriculturalist and engage in a variety of farming pursuits, from cultivating and harvesting crops to taking care of farm animals. But farming isn't just about the fields. In FS23, you can also explore logging and production, creating production chains and expanding your agricultural empire. With stunning visuals, realistic gameplay features, and the option to download additional content, FS23 offers endless possibilities for agrarian adventure. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and challenges of farming when FS23 arrives on May 23, 2023.

Features of Farming Simulator 23 Mobile:

- Step into the world of farming: Immerse yourself in the agricultural industry and experience the life of a modern-day agriculturalist.

- Authentic machines from renowned manufacturers: Take control of over 100 authentic machines from globally recognized manufacturers such as John Deere, Case IH, and Fendt.

- Diverse farming pursuits: Engage in various farming activities, including cultivation, harvesting, and profit-making.

- Logging and production: Expand your farming journey beyond traditional farming by cutting down trees, establishing production chains, and transporting goods with sturdy trucks.

- Plowing and weeding: Experience the realistic aspects of farming by plowing fields and clearing them of weeds. Utilize tutorials, AI helpers, and autoload features to make your journey easier.

- Expand your agricultural empire: Grow your company and produce valuable goods from your harvest. Establish new manufacturing facilities and distribution networks to expand your agricultural empire.


Farming Simulator 23 Mobile provides a comprehensive and immersive farming experience. With a wide range of activities, authentic machines, and new gameplay features, this app offers endless opportunities for agrarian adventure. Whether you want to cultivate crops, cut down trees, or expand your farming empire, Farming Simulator 23 Mobile has it all. Experience the beauty of farming from the comfort of your mobile device and download the app today.


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  • Great game. Some great improvements. Traffic is much better. Although you can tow a huge trailor with the small forklift! Lol
    2024-06-12 05:08:29
  • Good game but every time get so far it crashes so need to save it every 10 mints it's bit annoying wouldn't want pay £6.99 for it sort it out
    2024-06-11 20:56:11
  • Plz ad the case Quadtrack more jonh deer, Massy , new Holland but it s a nice game I don't have a pc so this is owsom and more haversterss plz and old tractors plz and add tractor costomation o and getting money is really hard so maybe I'm doing something ronge nice game can jou make a divice that mofes bales to the right side of jour tractor it's a thing that slides the bales to the side of the tractor because when I'm doing grass I run into them all the time and this could be nice plz
    2024-06-10 21:03:35
  • The game is great and runs well on my device with the occasional crash. Please keep updating and optimizing the app. Thank you
    2024-06-10 19:19:48
  • Good graphics and it's just such a good game I mean everything is just nice but I would like more older equipment
    2024-06-09 20:57:42
  • Good game improvement on gameplay from FS20. Would like to see the following changes made: 1 Remove premium upgrade micro transactions. 2. Edit AI to allow baling and retrieval of bales 3. Make an option for Bushels for crop quantity for oil, cereal, grain, and sugar mills and output in pounds (lbs.) Or in gallons ( oil) 2nd update good but noticing in trailers and sugarcane tippers that they can carry silage .... afaik the only way to produce silage currently in FS23 is bales ?
    2024-06-09 19:11:03