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  • Introduction

Metaverse Keeper is an exhilarating cooperative Roguelike Adventure that takes you into the depths of a fortress controlled by a demonic overlord. Teaming up with your comrades, you'll face relentless challenges and strive to tap into the hidden power within. This multiplayer odyssey brings together strategic battles, resource management, and character development, ensuring that every decision you make counts. Choose from a roster of interdimensional saviors, each with their own unique abilities, and collaborate with up to three other players online to overcome daunting obstacles together. Explore interactive levels, scavenge for chips that unlock extraordinary powers, manage scarce resources, and uncover the secrets behind the demon lord's fortress. With procedurally generated dungeons, a vast array of weapons, and personalized character progression, Metaverse Keeper promises an adventure like no other. Are you ready to embark on this epic journey and save the metaverse?

Features of Metaverse Keeper:

> Dimension-Hopping heroes, United:

- Choose from a diverse selection of interdimensional saviors, each with their own captivating backstory and unique abilities.

- These heroes have been chosen by a mysterious agency to save the metaverse from the demonic overlord.

> Team Synergy, Strength in Unity:

- Team up with up to three other players online to conquer challenging quests together.

- Work collaboratively to overcome obstacles and turn daunting challenges into shared victories.

> Environmental Interactivity:

- Explore levels filled with interactive elements and hidden secrets that provide tactical advantages and survival tools.

- Utilize environmental manipulation to outsmart enemies and enhance combat and exploration experiences.

> Chip Collection, Power Unleashed:

- Scavenge for powerful chips scattered throughout dungeons to enhance your heroes' abilities.

- Strategically combine chips to unlock synergistic effects, allowing for dynamic gameplay and hidden potentials.

> Risk-Reward Balancing Act:

- Manage limited resources in the face of mounting pressure and increasingly hostile environments.

- Every decision you make is crucial, whether it's resource allocation, choosing a path, or engaging in battles.

> Procedural Dungeons, Endless Variation:

- Enter a fortress reshaped by the chaotic power of the demon lord, ensuring each expedition is unique.

- Experience fresh challenges with every playthrough as the layout, atmosphere, and encounters change.


Embark on an exciting cooperative Roguelike Adventure in Metaverse Keeper. This multiplayer game offers a thrilling escapade where every decision counts. From dimension-hopping heroes to strategic battles, resource management to character development, this game promises a captivating and immersive experience. With interactive environments, endless possibilities for customization, and a rich narrative tapestry, Metaverse Keeper will keep you engaged and entertained. Download now to join the ranks of interdimensional saviors and unravel the mysteries within the demonic fortress.


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