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  • Introduction

PUBG MOBILE, an exhilarating battle royale game, brings the action-packed world of survival to your fingertips. With a wide range of events and challenges to conquer, you'll never be bored. Engage in thrilling 10-minute battles where quick strategies and rapid decision-making are key. Each map offers its own unique landscape and gameplay mechanics, keeping the experience fresh and exciting. Enjoy the smooth and seamless control experience designed specifically for mobile phones, allowing for precise aiming and easy navigation. Whether you're a lone wolf or playing with friends, the game guarantees non-stop excitement, challenges, and the chance to prove your survival skills in a competitive and immersive environment.

Features of PUBG MOBILE 2.9.0:

> Extensive Events and Exploration: The game offers a wide range of events and challenges, ensuring players are always engaged and motivated.

> Thrilling 10-Minute Matches: Players engage in intense battles that last approximately 10 minutes, allowing for quick strategies and adrenaline-pumping combat.

> Diverse Maps and Modes: With a variety of maps and gameplay mechanics, PUBG MOBILE provides a thrilling survival experience with unique landscapes and gameplay styles.

> Mobile-Optimized Controls: The game is designed specifically for mobile phones, offering smooth and seamless control experience with customizable layouts for precise aiming and navigation.

> Realistic Firearms: Experience realistic firearms in the game, adding to the immersion of the gameplay.

> Intense Multiplayer Battles: Engage in intense multiplayer battles with friends, testing your survival skills in a competitive environment.


PUBG MOBILE is an epic battle royale masterpiece on mobile devices. It offers extensive events, diverse maps, and modes, mobile-optimized controls, realistic firearms, and intense multiplayer battles. Whether playing alone or with friends, PUBG MOBILE provides endless excitement, challenges, and the opportunity to prove your survival skills in a competitive and immersive environment. Click here to download the game and start your thrilling journey now.


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  • I just installed the game download all the require game data but I am seeing some glitches. And the main thing is that I am unable to download the maps or other resources. Even the Erangel map is not download which is in the game data. I've applied the repair option and also I reinstalled it but it didn't fix. And I am unable to inform the customer service in the game. Fix this as soon as possible.
    2024-06-11 18:09:21
  • I love playing pubg I've played for over a year but when I changed my phone to Galaxy s7 ... the gameplay changed its harsh although the phone has 4 gigs of ram but the games is not optimized for this device plus when enemy is nearby I stuck for no reason controls freeze I tried to report several times but no luck plz pubg community work on it plz
    2024-06-11 06:00:54
  • Best game I ever played! The graphics are sooo cool! I deducted one star because around 40% it will become laggy and sometimes the opponent are too strong to defeat. But other than that, it is the best game I ever played. Good job! You captured my interest (1st game to do so). I also love that you regularly make new updates! I'm sure this took a lot of hard work! We thank you for such good game!
    2024-06-10 20:57:46
  • From season 4 I am playing everything is fine but the waiting time of solo match is very annoying
    2024-06-10 06:25:11
  • The game is good, though the matchmaking is kinda sus .Like if you happend to reached high rank matching. You'll be shock to incounter alot of cheaters. Based on my experience it starts with Platinum or Crown up to Conqueror. As to what they usually do, they're using Aim Bots or Bullet hacks. You'll notice it in the Loss Replay. Despite their crosshair doesnt aim at you, they still manage to hit or kill you. Me and my friends call them the John W-Sins.
    2024-06-10 05:55:02
  • A lot of bug, lag while there is good network after making update. I rate one star because it's not once or twice now i can't play lagging problem is my barrier to accomplish that. I played this for 4 years but now its too much.. I will decide to delete it if am not able to play as i played time ago. Please Fix lagging problem now its too much compare to firstly version
    2024-06-09 20:17:46