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  • Introduction

Step into the driver's seat of an unstoppable war machine in this action-packed app, Metal Fury! With the ability to customize your very own Mech, you have the power to choose the best weapons and hull options to suit your combat style. Engage in heart-pounding battles against enemy infantry, tanks, helicopters, and planes, creating explosive chaos on the battlefield. Upgrade your arsenal of grenade launchers, machine guns, and rifles to become even more deadly, all controlled with just one finger. Complete various tasks, earn currency, and showcase the might of your technologically advanced armored suit. It's time to show the enemy troops who's boss!

Features of Metal Fury:

> Powerful War Machine: Take control of a high-tech, heavily armored Mech that proves to be the ultimate weapon in enemy territory.

> Customizable Mech: Assemble your own Mech by selecting parts that perfectly match your combat style. Tailor your Mech for maximum efficiency and dominance on the battlefield.

> Tactical Gameplay: Learn game tactics by employing a wide range of weapons and hull options. Strategize your moves, plan your attacks, and outmaneuver your enemies to fulfill dangerous missions.

> Intense Combat Experience: Engage in thrilling battles against various enemies such as infantry, tanks, helicopters, and planes. Experience the adrenaline rush of shooting, explosions, and chaos in epic warfare scenarios.

> Diverse Arsenal: Utilize an array of powerful weapons including grenade launchers, machine guns, and rifles. Upgrade your weapons to enhance their destructive capabilities, giving you an edge in the battlefield.

> Progression and Challenges: Complete a variety of tasks and earn currency to improve your Mech, making it stronger and deadlier. Keep pushing forward, overcoming opponents as you advance further and achieve victory.


Unleash the power and might of a cutting-edge armored suit in this action-packed Mech warfare game. Customize, strategize, and conquer enemies with an impressive array of weapons and tactics. Engage in intense combat scenarios, upgrade your arsenal, and become an unstoppable force. Download Metal Fury now to experience the ultimate thrill of controlling a technologically advanced war machine.


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