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Piano Fire: Edm Music & Piano APK

Piano Fire: Edm Music & Piano

Rating: 4.4







Package ID:beatmaker.edm.musicgames.PianoGames

  • Introduction

With over 50 million players worldwide, Piano Fire: Edm Music & Piano is the ultimate mobile game for piano enthusiasts. Combining the elegance of piano melodies with the energy of EDM music, this game offers a unique and addictive experience. As you tap the tiles to the rhythm of the music, you'll feel the exhilarating collision of ice and fire. With a wide range of albums and songs from different styles, this game offers a diverse selection of music for every taste. The game's cool design and graphics add to the immersive experience. Easy to play but hard to master, Piano Fire is a challenge that will test your speed and accuracy. Whether you're playing online or offline, this game will keep surprising you with its engaging gameplay.

Features of Piano Fire: Edm Music & Piano:

* Unique Gameplay: The game offers a special gaming experience that combines piano and EDM music genres. The gameplay is designed to provide a perfect blend of excitement and challenge.

* Wide Music Selection: With a vast collection of albums and songs from various styles, this game ensures that there is something for everyone. From hot and popular tracks to hidden gems, users can explore a diverse range of music.

* Immersive Music Experience: By tapping the tiles in rhythm with the music, players can truly feel the music as they play. The app provides a real music feeling, making the experience even more enjoyable.

* Visually Appealing Design: The game boasts cool and eye-catching graphics that enhance the overall gaming experience. The stylish design adds to the enjoyment and keeps users engaged.

* Easy to Learn, Challenging to Master: The app is designed to be easy to play, allowing users of all skill levels to enjoy the game. However, as the difficulty increases in high-speed songs, it becomes a real challenge that tests your speed and accuracy.

* Online and Offline Play: The game can be enjoyed both online and offline, giving users the freedom to play anytime and anywhere. Whether you have an internet connection or not, the game is always accessible.


Join the millions of players worldwide who have chosen Piano Fire for their musical gaming experience. With its unique gameplay, wide music selection, immersive music experience, visually appealing design, easy learning curve, and offline play option, Piano Fire: Edm Music & Piano offers an exciting and addictive gaming experience. Don't miss out on this incredible app - download Piano Fire today and tap your way to musical brilliance!


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  • I saw the high rating and read some reviews and thought to myself that it was good to download. But I regret that right now. The songs need data to load them before you can play anyone, too many ads, and the tiles aren't even corresponding well enough with the music (which is supposed to add beauty and enjoyment to any piano tile game, the correspondence of the music to hitting the tiles), I asked for classic music, and I was getting a mixture of other genres that aren't even classic music.
    2024-06-02 16:08:08
  • The songs are fine (Lots of popular songs that they had some unknown artist sing for them to bypass copyright). But the thing where I have the most issue with is the way they choreograph the songs. I already noticed the issue before, but "Wellorman" was the line for me. A really easy song to choreograph tiles for, very clear tunes. But no, they were basically a note off the whole song. Making it so that you're tapping the tile a note before the song actually sounds out that tile. It's unplayable
    2024-06-02 00:18:53
  • I love these types of games, the gameplay is really neat. Only problem is that if you miss one tile it makes start all over again from scratch even if the song or level is hard. I don't like how it expects you to get every key perfectly and starts you all the way over from the beginning unless you watch a 30-second ad. Kind of sucks
    2024-06-01 12:41:54
  • Fantastic game if you don't want this game you miss all song good keep playing but if finding your favorite song it is had please repload
    2024-06-01 12:04:53
  • Omg....I really love this game!!! The sounds. Especially the modulating part where the song has to go enter another level (has more vibes)...really love it. And also the use of coins and minimal data.(not bad). But the only problem is when I'm importing my songs when I play, it doesn't follow the beat...please rectify that problem... but all in all it's a game worth playing!
    2024-05-31 22:47:29
  • I'm really picky, but I'm pleased with how this one feels. It's simple, with only four keys and playable with just your thumbs, but the rhythm maps are well-placed/timed for the most part. It's also smart of them to include anime songs since there's a lot of overlap between rhythm game and anime fans. I just wish that there were more difficult levels for all the songs. Some of the easier songs could be so fun if they had more notes Edit: they got rid of the anime songs, 4/5 I'm so sad :(
    2024-05-30 11:33:06