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VR Zombies: The Zombie Shooter Games (Cardboard) APK

VR Zombies: The Zombie Shooter Games (Cardboard)

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Package ID:com.virtualamigos.vrzombie

Developer:Virtual Amigos

  • Introduction

Welcome to a future where a real zombie outbreak has taken over the world! In this thrilling VR Zombies: The Zombie Shooter Games (Cardboard) app, you must possess nerves of steel and the skills of a true marksman to survive the Zombie Shooter Games. In this dystopian society, criminals are turned into zombies and unleashed in a fortified city arena. The government has kept this brutal event under wraps, but the situation has gotten out of control as one of the top killers gets infected and creates a zombie colony that poses a great risk to humanity. As an ex-bounty hunter with nothing to lose, you must join a group of private contractors to hunt down the zombies and save the world. With a variety of weapons at your disposal, your mission is to unleash urban warfare on these zombies and bring them down. The game can be played using your touch screen or in full immersive virtual reality using a Google Cardboard compatible device. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping, high-risk adventure to defeat the zombies and protect humanity. Are you up for the challenge?

Features of VR Zombies: The Zombie Shooter Games (Cardboard):

⭐️ Intense Zombie Shooter Gameplay: Test your nerves and marksmanship skills in a world plagued by a real zombie outbreak. This game requires you to be fearless and accurate to survive.

⭐️ Gripping Background Story: Set in a dystopian future, the government has unleashed a zombie apocalypse as a form of entertainment. Join other "sport" professionals in a remote fortified city arena and fight for survival against hordes of zombies.

⭐️ High Risk, High Reward: The winners of the Zombie Shooter Games live a life of luxury among the rich and famous. Can you become the ultimate zombie killer and claim your place amongst them?

⭐️ Immersive Controls: Play the game using touch screen controls or immerse yourself in the virtual reality (VR) experience. Look around to target zombies and let your gun auto aim when you gaze in their direction.

⭐️ Power-ups and Explosions: Collect power-ups to increase your health and upgrade your weapons. Be cautious, though, as hitting certain objects can trigger violent explosions that can harm you but also eliminate multiple zombies at once.

⭐️ Compatibility: Enjoy the full VR experience using a Google Cardboard compatible Android device and viewer. However, a gyroscope or Google Cardboard is not required for touch controls. Tested compatibility includes various VR headsets for an optimal gaming experience.


Unleash your urban warfare skills and join the battle against the zombie hordes in VR Zombies: The Zombie Shooter Games (Cardboard). With a gripping background story, immersive controls, and the opportunity for high risk, high reward, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Collect power-ups, avoid explosive obstacles, and fight for survival in both touch screen and VR modes. Get ready to save humanity or die trying! Download this free (VR) game now and join the Virtual Amigos online community for more VR apps and support.


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