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ASTRA: Knights of Veda

Rating: 4.1







Package ID:com.hybeim.astra

Developer:HYBE IM Co., Ltd.

  • Introduction

In ASTRA: Knights of Veda, a timeless fantasy unfolds before your eyes, taking you on a thrilling and captivating adventure. Set in a continent oppressed by the tyrant 'Mad King' Magnus, you step into the shoes of the new 'Master of the Book', guided by the wings of Veda. This game offers ultimate action combat at your fingertips, combining the side-scroll era's beloved action with a modern, tactical twist. With stunning artwork, the fantasy world comes to life, immersing you in its mesmerizing visuals. Join the Knights of Veda and immerse yourself in a deep and vibrant narrative as you journey through a world of mystery and fate.

Features of ASTRA: Knights of Veda:

- Ultimate action combat: Experience thrilling side-scroll action in a modern, tactical format. Unleash an array of skills and strategically defeat monsters using the Power of the Stars.

- Stunning artwork: Immerse yourself in a visually mesmerizing fantasy world. Every element, from the smallest prop to the imposing boss, is crafted with care to create a richly detailed aesthetic.

- Knights of Veda: Battle alongside unique knights, each with their own skills and weapons. Choose a team that suits your playstyle and take on challenging dungeons.

- Deep and vibrant narrative: Dive into a captivating story brought to life through expansive cutscenes. The goddess Veda will guide you on an epic journey filled with mystery and allure.

- Information access: Stay updated with the latest news and information about ASTRA: Knights of Veda through the app's official website.

- User-friendly permissions: The app requires optional access permissions for features like saving images and receiving push notifications. However, the game can still be enjoyed without granting these permissions.


ASTRA: Knights of Veda offers a captivating fantasy adventure that goes beyond traditional fantasy narratives. With its ultimate action combat, stunning artwork, unique characters, immersive storytelling, regular updates, and user-friendly permissions, this app is sure to bring hours of excitement and entertainment. Download now to embark on an unforgettable journey through a beautifully crafted world of fantasy.


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  • When attempting to play with a controller the game constantly flips around between controller, touch, and keyboard (???) input modes, causing a ton of hitching in the gameplay and making the game unplayable until this is fixed. Seems interesting. Will be happy to try out the game and revise this review when this is solved.
    2024-05-28 22:48:51
  • The visuals of the game are great the gatcha system is probably the best that I've seen and the combat is really satisfying with an impressive enemy variety.However the game has 2 big problems for me that are holding it back.First the balancing is completely off as far as difficulty in the late game since it relies in cheap tricks like huge waves of enemies,elite enemies that are damage sponges that are there just to waste your time.Second the last 2 boss fights are unnecessarily long and boring
    2024-05-28 11:28:23
  • I have played till lvl 70 and can say this game is bad. Combat mechanics are terrible and does everything it can to punish you. Bosses do constant nearly full screen attacks, have constant super armor(no hit stun). Anything that hits you send you in long recovery frames, which means you get juggled and comboed easily. Dodging and blocking is clunky. Gacha rates are atrocious and the game is just not fun after a certain point. Could be good but the devs and the publisher are bad.
    2024-05-28 01:16:22
  • It's an amazing game. The graphics and everything else is amazing. There's just one problem , I can't seem to pass a quest named 'Warm heart'...it's getting stuck after it's loading at around 95% .. it's not playing . I can play all the other quests but except this one and there is no option also to cancel this quest so I not able to cancel it too. I tried restarting or shuting down my phone but nothing is working. I hope u could help me to fix it.
    2024-05-27 23:17:28
  • I really like the game. The characters so far are cool, it's nice that a 10 draw will give you one. Every so often when selecting an area to enter the whole UI disappears making it impossible to select anything. I'm not sure what triggers it. Having to constantly exit out of the game and re-enter is annoying. Getting spammed with Co-op requests from none friends list people is frustrating, I'm sure I just haven't found the option to turn that off yet
    2024-05-27 12:21:05
  • Update: I'm changing my rating based on the recent changes they implemented, particularly with the guaranteed pity carrying over between limited banners. It shows that the publisher and developers of the game actually listen and acr based on community feedback, and I hope this continues in the future in a positive way as this is one of the key factors for this game to succeed with the tough competition it has for this genre.
    2024-05-27 12:16:15