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500 Hindi Paheli (Riddles) Quiz Game APK

500 Hindi Paheli (Riddles) Quiz Game

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  • Introduction

Get ready to challenge your mind with the most entertaining and brain-teasing app on the market! With our 500 Hindi Paheli (Riddles) Quiz Game app, you can enjoy solving over 500 Hindi riddles that will put your wits to the test. What's even better is that this app is completely lightweight and can be used offline, so you can enjoy the fun anytime, anywhere. We've made it easy for you to keep track of your favorite riddles by bookmarking them and accessing them later from the menu. There are two exciting modes to choose from: Play mode allows you to solve riddles by selecting one of the four options, and for those who want to practice, there's the Bujhen mode where you can read the riddles along with their answers. You can even mark your favorite paheliyaan and share them with friends. Download our app now and immerse yourself in the world of Hindi riddles!

Features of 500 Hindi Paheli (Riddles) Quiz Game:

⭐️ Engaging and Challenging: This app offers 500 fun and tricky Hindi riddles that will keep you entertained and engaged.

⭐️ Lightweight and Offline: Enjoy this gaming app without worrying about consuming a large amount of data or needing an internet connection.

⭐️ Bookmarking Feature: Easily bookmark your favorite riddles and access them later from the menu, making it convenient to continue where you left off.

⭐️ Two Modes of Play: Choose between the Play mode, where you can solve riddles by selecting from multiple options and earn coins for correct answers, or the Practice mode, where you can read the riddles along with the answers.

⭐️ Retry Button: Don't worry about getting the wrong answer. With the retry button, you can have another shot at solving the riddle and improving your skills.

⭐️ Share and Connect: Mark your favorite riddles and effortlessly share them with friends. Show off your knowledge and challenge others to solve the riddles as well.


500 Hindi Paheli (Riddles) Quiz Game app provides 500 engaging and challenging Hindi riddles. With two exciting modes of play, bookmarking feature, retry button, and the ability to share with friends, it offers a fun and convenient way to boost your riddle-solving skills. Click here to download and start the fun now!


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  • This is good game for kids
    2024-06-01 19:48:01
  • Some mind blowing and sharp mind game
    2024-05-31 03:25:48
  • Wow! So good game very very outstanding
    2024-05-30 23:34:38
  • Nice but it is not very very nice.
    2024-05-29 19:43:40
  • He is a. Wonder full. Game. I. Love. This. Game
    2024-05-29 10:50:11
  • very good all these this all have thrill
    2024-05-28 14:36:20