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Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star

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  • Introduction

Introducing Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star GAME - the ultimate app for aspiring actors and fashion enthusiasts! Step into the glamorous world of Hollywood, where you can build your own movie star career and become a true fashion icon. Customize your avatar with the latest fashion trends, hairstyles, and makeup to leave a lasting impression on the movie industry. Win auditions and shoot blockbusters, promoting your movies to earn fans and create your own star-signed fashion collection. Meet and date celebrities, attend epic parties in exclusive locations, and unlock new features as you progress through the game. Get ready for the fame, the paparazzi, and the excitement of living your dream! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to connect with other players and share your achievements with the world.

Features of Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star:

❤️ Personalize Your Avatar: The app allows you to create your own movie star by personalizing your avatar. You can choose your clothing, fashion style, hairstyle, and make-up to leave your unique mark on the movie industry.

❤️ Shoot Blockbusters: Win auditions and shoot blockbusters to promote your movies and earn fans. Become a rising star and dominate the red carpets throughout the city.

❤️ Wear Unique Fashion Dresses: Meet designers and wear unique fashion dresses made exclusively for you. Showcase your impeccable sense of style and become a fashion icon in the glamorous world of Hollywood.

❤️ Get Fans and Fame: Create your own star-signed fashion collection, design your own perfume, and become a true megastar with hordes of fans. Experience the excitement of being in the spotlight and enjoy the adoration of your fans.

❤️ Date with Celebrities: Meet the hottest Hollywood stars and hang out with them at epic parties on fabulous locations. Live the dream of mingling with celebrities and experience the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle.

❤️ Unlock Exciting Locations: As you progress through the game, unlock amazing new locations and engaging new features. Explore Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Manhattan, Las Vegas, and more thrilling locations in your quest for fame and success.


Embark on a star-studded adventure in Hollywood Story®: Fashion Star! Personalize your avatar, shoot blockbusters, wear unique fashion dresses, and gain fans and fame. Date celebrities, unlock exciting locations, and live the dream of becoming a Hollywood icon. Download now and experience the thrill of the glamorous world of Hollywood!


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