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Fruits Crush : Games 2023

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Package ID:com.mobileguru.fruitsbomb.free


  • Introduction

Welcome to Fruits Crush : Games 2023, an addictive and delightful fruit cutting game like no other! Slice and dice your way through a wonderland of juicy fruits in this action-packed adventure. Connect lines of matching fruits and watch as they burst with flavor and create a stunning effect. Swap fruits, crush them, and unlock levels as you go. Challenge your friends to see who can achieve the highest scores and become the ultimate Fruit Master. With over 100 levels and a wide variety of fruits to choose from, Fruits Crush : Games 2023 is the perfect game for fruit lovers and puzzle enthusiasts alike. Best of all, it's free to play and doesn't require Wi-Fi, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Get ready for a juicy treat and let the fruit slicing begin!

Features of Fruits Crush : Games 2023:

- Habit-forming gameplay: It is a highly addictive fruit cutting game that will keep you engaged for hours.

- Easy to learn: The tutorial provided in the game makes it simple to understand how to connect or swipe lines of fruits and solve puzzles.

- Stunning visuals and effects: The game has a unique feel when sliding through fruits and a lovely effect when letting go, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

- Variety of fruits: Enjoy connecting and crushing different types of fruits, including apples, oranges, watermelons, mangoes, pineapples, and more.

- Challenging levels: Test your skills with easy and challenging levels throughout the game. Invite your friends to join and see who can top the charts.

- Regular updates: The game is always updating with new juicy levels, ensuring that you never run out of exciting challenges.


Fruits Crush : Games 2023 is a must-have for fruit game lovers. With its addictive gameplay, easy-to-learn mechanics, and stunning visuals, it provides a delightful and engaging experience. Challenge yourself with a variety of fruits and conquer the levels to become the master of fruit crushing. Download now and start your juicy adventure!


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  • enjoyed game but, became repetitive, got stuck on level 36 and after a week of trying, deleted game.
    2024-05-30 09:13:55
  • Stupid game. How could a game no help item. So frustarating when u almost finish the target but u only have one move.
    2024-05-29 02:22:37
  • Just amazing, but there is only this disturbing problem of ads, but its really fun and i just love it!!
    2024-05-28 19:24:00
  • Totally messed up, while I'm busy playing the game just close and i have to struggle to get it started again. No thanx
    2024-05-28 10:45:20
  • Any chance you could get the app to connect to the internet again? I don't miss the ads but I do miss the extra time to get all the fruits.
    2024-05-28 08:42:49
  • I like the game, but way too many ads for the game to be enjoyable. So many. I'm gonna have to delete it.
    2024-05-27 02:38:39