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  • Introduction

Embark on an epic adventure with Dynasty Heroes: Romance Samkok, the ultimate 6v6 strategic RPG card game. Prepare yourself to command an army of hundreds of powerful warriors as you fight to shape your own destiny and create a legendary tale. With breathtaking graphics and stunning live2D animations, you'll be captivated by the mesmerizing world of this game. Collect an array of heroes with unique abilities and spells and unleash devastating combo skills on the battlefield. Experience faster battle looting and resource collection, making your journey even more thrilling. Join the battle now and become a hero of Samkok!

Features of Dynasty Heroes: Romance Samkok:

❤️ Free Draws Login: Get 100 free draws and special warriors by simply logging in during specific periods. Complete tasks for even better rewards.

❤️ Unique Team Formation: Build your team with a wide variety of heroines, each with their own Live2D actions. Control both beautiful characters and vast lands.

❤️ Stunning Spellcasting: Collect over hundreds of warriors and spells, each with their own unique abilities. Unleash powerful combo skills in battle, bringing a new dimension to the gameplay.

❤️ Speed-Up Battle: Enjoy a more efficient and fast-paced gaming experience. Collect resources and loot from battles 10 times faster than before, enhancing the thrill of Dynasty Heroes: Romance Samkok.

❤️ Official Web and Facebook: Stay connected with the official website and Facebook page for updates, events, and community interaction.


Experience the ultimate excitement in this 6v6 strategic RPG card game. Take command of hundreds of warriors, claim valuable rewards, and shape your own destiny. With stunning graphics, unique team formations, and fast-paced battles, Dynasty Heroes: Romance Samkok offers an immersive gaming experience. Stay connected with the official website and Facebook page to stay up to date and join a thriving community. Download now and embark on an epic adventure!


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  • After top-up I don't get that items
    2024-05-29 08:25:36
  • 素敵なグラフィック!! 私はこれをプレイすることをお勧めします!
    2024-05-28 18:10:41
  • Pretty standard build up power to beat the story stages game. The art work and sound is average. As with many mobile games p2w is high but rewards are lackluster IMO. There are other samkok games out there that do what this game does but better.
    2024-05-28 15:03:20
    2024-05-27 12:37:28
  • Too many mans in gacha and 0 waifu UR to pick on start. Also typical game that play itself with tons of transactions
    2024-05-27 07:46:16
  • I just top up but I didn't get my jade so do I get refund because it's you guys took it out at 1:08pm today at this I'm thinking about deleting the game and I just started that the bad part
    2024-05-27 04:00:57