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Experience the incredible world of Yostar's "Blue Archive-" in this captivating school x youth x story RPG. Step into the extraordinary school city of Kivotos, where you'll encounter unique and attractive students who will accompany you through the ups and downs of everyday life. As the advisor of the Federal Investigation Department, your mission is to tackle the constant troubles plaguing the city. Command your cute and powerful characters in intense 3D real-time battles that take place in narrow spaces on the screen. Immerse yourself in the high-quality 2D animations of the beautiful girl characters and deepen your bond with them as you spend a special daily life together. Don't miss out on this extraordinary gaming experience! Follow us on our official Twitter for updates and more!

Features of Blue Archive JP:

⭐️ Unique and attractive characters: The app features a variety of students with their own distinct personalities that will capture the user's interest and make the gameplay more enjoyable.

⭐️ Unusual school city setting: The app is set in a school city called Kivotos, which provides a unique and intriguing backdrop for the story and gameplay.

⭐️ 3D real-time battles: Engage in powerful and thrilling battles with cute characters in a narrow space on the screen, adding excitement and action to the gameplay experience.

⭐️ High-quality 2D animation: The app boasts beautiful 2D animations that bring the characters to life and create a visually stunning experience for the users.

⭐️ Deepening bonds with the characters: Interact with the students and form a strong bond with them as you spend more time together, enhancing the emotional connection and making the daily life in the app more special.

⭐️ Regular updates and updates: Stay connected with the latest news, updates, and events related to the app through their official Twitter account, ensuring that users are always up to date with the latest content.

In conclusion, Blue Archive is a captivating and visually stunning RPG app that takes place in an unusual school city. With its unique and attractive characters, intense 3D battles, beautiful 2D animations, and the opportunity to deepen bonds with the students, users are guaranteed a special and immersive daily life experience. Stay connected with the app's official Twitter account for the latest updates and news. Click now to download and embark on an exciting adventure in Blue Archive.


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  • Always crashed at the same place, for ex. on map 5, I can't progress anymore, then PvP
    2024-05-31 09:02:45
  • First 2 star, Always get Stuck and cant do anything when using 3star (ssr ) operator/student, close the game and open again still stuck CANT use 3star operator skill , please fix it
    2024-05-31 04:35:02
  • d vkheee see seees See eeuneddtdeeperts.a.t be t
    2024-05-30 01:33:27
  • Good game ,nice combat system and really good animations
    2024-05-29 20:31:59
  • Very nice graphics. Intuitive gameplay. かわいい生徒たち
    2024-05-29 19:12:20
  • Tbh this game crashes quite a bit on my phone. Gacha is fine as it is(I've seen worse rates). Overall, not bad
    2024-05-28 17:48:38