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Dunidle: Pixel RPG, Idle Games

Rating: 4.1

Category:Role playing






Package ID:aratnon.pixel.idle.dungeon.dunidle


  • Introduction

Embark on the ultimate adventure in Dunidle: Pixel RPG, Idle Games! This immersive idle RPG takes you on a pixelated journey through a realm filled with heroes, monsters, and treacherous dungeons. With its offline capabilities, you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Upgrade your hero's abilities, collect powerful equipment, and conquer challenging raids and dungeons. The auto-battle feature lets your heroes fight on their own, perfect for players who prefer a more relaxed experience. Uncover hidden secrets, encounter AI-controlled characters, and become a legendary hero. Download Dunidle: Pixel RPG, Idle Games now and save the pixelated realm from darkness!

Features of Dunidle: Pixel RPG, Idle Games:

* Classic 8-bit pixel art style that captures the essence of retro RPGs.

* Engaging offline idle RPG gameplay, allowing you to enjoy the adventure anytime, anywhere.

* Upgrade your hero and equip them with legendary gear to maximize their potential.

* Strategic team fights and tactical battles that require clever planning and execution.

* Raid dungeons filled with traps, treasures, and epic encounters.

* Encounter AI-controlled characters with their own agendas and storylines.


Enjoy the convenience of offline gameplay, upgrading your hero and equipping them with powerful gear to conquer strategic team fights and raid treacherous dungeons. Interact with AI-controlled characters and uncover their hidden agendas in a vast 2D realm filled with adventure and mystery. Download Dunidle: Pixel RPG, Idle Games now and become the legendary heroes you were born to be.


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  • Great game devs keep up the good work, so much potential! Having a lot of fun. Update: after playing some more there's a huge issue with range characters walking into melee range and getting killed. They also do it with bosses. That needs to be changed. Also gear upgrading takes way to many clicks to do. When we click on a character we should be able to upgrade the gear from the same screen not just remove it.
    2024-05-29 08:52:24
  • I cant even play the game. When it tells you to equip the sword for the first time, it freezes. You can also close the game and reopen it, allowing you to infinitely get multiple swords. Please fix the game.
    2024-05-29 04:47:37
  • Cool little auto play RPG, until it starts getting stuck on black screen every single time you try to restart a dungeon. Forcing you to reopen app and re-buy your team at inflated prices. Game breaking but IMHO. Won't spend $$$ on premiums untill bug is fixed. Sad, because game is perfect for my type of play style.
    2024-05-28 16:01:21
  • So this game has so much potential. My one issue is that it is completely unbalanced. Classes don't matter. You could level up your knight to be the best and storm through all the levels easily without using any of the other classes. This makes it so boring and downright bland. I level up base stats because they're easy and they give a huge bonus compared to class abilities which take too many points and give little bonus per level up. Please test your games and actually figure out balancing.
    2024-05-28 05:45:14
  • The "game" literally plays itself... There is nothing for you to do except use uo your phones battery while you leave your phone alone. Seriously what is the point? Nothing...
    2024-05-27 04:40:33
  • Was having fun. Closed game out and ever since when I login it just puts me on the main hub area with a black background. Only portal and merchant guy are visible when clicked on there are no menu options. Settings is completely blank and can't back out of once clicked. Portal shows 4 knights in party but you can't start a 0 gold run or anything.
    2024-05-27 04:15:06