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Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of mini-basketball with our thrilling app! Aptly named "Mini Basketball," this app offers a one-of-a-kind experience for basketball enthusiasts. Choose from a diverse collection of talented players to form your dream team and unlock exciting matches. Strategize and make smart decisions to outwit your opponents as you navigate through challenging levels. Train your athletes and witness their growth as they evolve from amateur players to true professionals. Customize your team's name, logo, and uniforms to make them truly unique. Engage in thrilling tournaments and showcase your skills to earn prestigious titles and financial rewards. With stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, Mini Basketball guarantees hours of excitement on the court.

Features of Mini Basketball:

❤️ Select talented basketball players: Choose from a collection of skilled athletes to create the best team for yourself.

❤️ Customize your team: Upgrade your team, give them a unique name, design logos and costumes to stand out from the competition.

❤️ Engage in tournaments: Participate in various sporting events and compete against thousands of formidable teams to win prestigious titles and rewards.

❤️ Continuous progression: Gain experience and level up your skills to unlock new content and challenges.

❤️ Realistic gameplay: Experience exciting and realistic basketball matches with stunning visuals and skilled players.

❤️ Improve player performance: Train your athletes regularly to enhance their skills and performance on the court.


Mini Basketball is an app that offers an immersive basketball experience with various features. You can select talented players, customize and upgrade your team, compete in tournaments, level up your skills, and enjoy realistic gameplay. Join now to create your dream team, dominate the court, and experience the thrill of basketball. Download the app and start your basketball journey today!


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  • There are some bugs like disappearing players... I hope this can be fixed. It's a nice game though.
    2024-05-30 06:10:35
  • I love this game u don't need further explanation there's 1 problem what I uses the bloke button it rarely works which I think yous should fix but that's the only problem
    2024-05-30 01:56:10
  • I like mini basketball cause you get to enjoy playing with people and sometimes you win sometimes you lose
    2024-05-29 08:33:00
  • The game is super fun but there are a few things that I didn't really like. First off it's really leggy. Just the loading screen would even lag out
    2024-05-29 04:10:02
  • It's funny. But they dont have Google play account u need to register via Facebook or stay as guests which is annoying.
    2024-05-27 09:55:08
  • Game is good except the Golden Era mode. It gets lag every time I play a match. Other than that the game is good. And ppl who have a yellow diamond league (I think who got a subscription) have a special chance to freeze their opponent while playing which makes the non subscription players to lose points. I donno whether it's a feature, but they use it atleast two to three times if they don't have a good score. Each time you excel in the game, they make sure you can't win. This must be fixed.
    2024-05-26 10:41:50