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Raven Meditation

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Package ID:com.LocotoStudios.RaivenMeditation

Developer:Locoto Studios

  • Introduction

Introducing Raven Meditation, a captivating rhythm game where you must fulfill the desires of Raven, your master. By tapping the invocation symbols she casts, you can increase her pleasure and witness her ultimate orgasm. Immerse yourself in the pleasure of Trigon's daughter and experience the thrill of unlocking new animations and intense orgasms. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to develop the game, including a gallery feature to enjoy Raven's animations without gameplay. Help us expand the world with new characters like Starfire. Join us on our journey by subscribing, donating, and following us on social media. Download now and indulge in Raven's pleasure.

Raven Meditation

Features of Raven Meditation:

- Rhythm Game: Engage in a unique rhythm game where you must tap the invocation symbols cast by Raven to increase her pleasure.

- Pleasure Meter: Monitor your progress by keeping an eye on the pleasure meter located in the right bottom of the screen. Your goal is to help Raven reach orgasm.

- Trigon's Daughter: Experience the pleasure of Trigon's daughter as you fulfill her desires and witness her first orgasm.

- Future Updates: The game is still under development, and the developers plan to add a gallery where you can enjoy Raven's animations without playing the rhythm game. They also aim to introduce new songs, animations, and even reveal Raven's true demon form in the last orgasm.

- New Characters: Explore the possibility of new characters being added to the game, such as Starfire, who occasionally meditates with Raven.

- Support the Project: Help the developers continue working on this exciting project by subscribing to their newsletter, donating on itch.io, following them on social media, and engaging with them in their community.

Gameplay Tips

Explore alternate endings: Uncover hidden pathways and endings by making different choices throughout the Raven Meditation game, adding replay value and depth to your Ronan's Lunch experience.

Engage in character interactions: Dive deep into Ronan's world by engaging in meaningful conversations and decisions that heighten the immersive experience, immersing you further in the captivating storyline.

Discover easter eggs and bonus content: Keep an eye out for hidden surprises, easter eggs, and bonus content scattered throughout the game, offering additional layers of entertainment and engagement.

Embrace visual enhancements: Appreciate the enhanced visuals and graphics that elevate the sensuality and allure of the game, creating a visually stunning experience that complements the narrative.


Immerse yourself in the world of Raven meditation, a captivating rhythm game where you must fulfill Raven's desires and help her reach orgasm. With its unique gameplay, future updates, and the potential introduction of new characters, this app promises an exciting and pleasurable experience. Support the developers and stay updated on their progress by subscribing, donating, and engaging with them. Don't miss out on the opportunity to play this game and indulge in the pleasure of Trigon's daughter. Click here to download now!


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