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Tina the Bunny Maid

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Package ID:com.DefaultCompany.Tinathebunnymaid


  • Introduction

Introducing Tina the Bunny Maid, a playful and interactive game where you take on the role of a boss who must punish a mischievous bunny maid. Available on Windows, Android, and WebGL, this simulation and interactive casual game offers 5 to 10 minutes of delightful playtime. With Tina, you can customize her outfits, enjoy over 30 unique animations (some of them 18+), discover 25+ unique poses in the Pose Gallery, and even headpat and boop Tina's bunny nose.

Features of the Tina the Bunny Maid:

- Multiple Outfits: Customize Tina with various outfits to make her look different and unique every time you play the game.

- Unique Animations: Enjoy over 30 different animations, including both 18+ and safe options, to add excitement and variety to your gaming experience.

- Pose Gallery: Explore a collection of more than 25 unique poses in the Pose Gallery, allowing you to create different settings and scenarios with Tina.

- Interactive Features: Interact with Tina in fun ways, such as giving her headpats or booping her bunny nose for a cute and entertaining experience.

- Accessibility: Available on multiple platforms including Windows, Android, and WebGL, allowing you to play the game whenever and wherever you want.

- Bug-Fix Updates: Although the game is a side project, any bugs that arise will be fixed promptly, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.


Tina the Bunny maid offers a short but engaging interactive 18+ game that combines simulation and casual elements. With the ability to customize Tina, enjoy a wide range of animations and poses, and interact with her in fun ways, this game promises an entertaining and immersive experience. Available on multiple platforms and with a commitment to addressing any bugs, Tina the Bunny maid is a must-download for those seeking a playful and enjoyable gaming experience.


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