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Unspecified Behaviour

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Package ID:org.godotengine.unspecifiedbehaviour


  • Introduction

Introducing Unspecified Behaviour, a point-and-click adventure app that takes you on a thrilling journey to a post-apocalyptic world where robots and drones rule. Experience the excitement of exploring an island filled with mysterious challenges and unique characters. Choose your path wisely and uncover the secrets of this captivating adventure. With easy mouse or touchscreen controls, you'll navigate through this immersive game effortlessly. Be warned, this game is intended for mature audiences (18+), as it contains elements of robot/drone fetish space with mind control and dom/sub themes.

Features of Unspecified Behaviour App:

- Point-and-click adventure gameplay: This app offers a classic point-and-click adventure experience, allowing users to explore and solve puzzles in a fun and interactive way.

- Unique robot theme: The game involves multiple robots, each with their own distinctive personalities and traits, making the gameplay dynamic and intriguing.

- Engaging storyline: Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the app features an interesting plot that keeps users hooked as they uncover the mysteries and secrets of the story.

- Adult-oriented content: With an 18+ rating, the app delves into some bold themes, exploring elements of mind control, objectification, and dom/sub content in a tasteful manner.

- Branching storylines: Users have the opportunity to make choices that impact the direction of the game, with story branches involving robot-on-robot violence, reality deviation, and de-realisation, providing a diverse and personalized experience.

- User-friendly controls: The app is designed to be easily navigated, with simple mouse or touch interface controls and a menu button for smooth gameplay.


Get ready to dive into a post-apocalyptic world and explore the mysteries it holds. Download Unspecified Behaviour now and unleash your curiosity!


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