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  • Introduction

Get ready for an epic adventure in Vampire Run 3D, the hottest new game for Android! Join forces with a young vampire and his fearless friends as they navigate the dark streets of old London. With stunning HD graphics made specifically for Android devices, this game will leave you mesmerized! Help the little vampire, Dracula, soar through the night with his super jumps, while the werewolf transforms under the light of the full moon. Dodge buses, subway trains, and other obstacles as you collect coins and unlock additional characters. Don't let the challenges stop you - the vampire is always ready for more! New pictures and terrifying characters will be added soon, so download Vampire Run 3D today for free. The controls are touch-based and easy to grasp, making it a breeze to play. The game mechanics are both enjoyable and exciting, guaranteeing endless entertainment.

Features of Vampire Run 3D:

> HD graphics optimized for Android devices: The app offers high-definition graphics that are optimized to provide the best visual experience on Android devices.

> Collect coins and overcome obstacles: Players can help the young vampire and his friends collect coins while overcoming various obstacles in their path.

> Unique abilities of characters: The little vampire Dracula can perform super jumps, while the werewolf transforms under the full moon. Each character has its own special abilities.

> Explore the streets of old London: Run through the streets of old London with the vampire, avoiding obstacles, buses, and subways in a thrilling adventure.

> Unlock additional characters: Gather a good number of coins to unlock additional characters and enjoy the game with new and terrifying characters.

> Simple and intuitive controls: The game features touch-based controls that are easy to use and intuitive, providing a seamless gaming experience.


Vampire Run 3D is a visually stunning and exciting game that offers challenging gameplay and unique abilities for characters. With its HD graphics, intuitive controls, and the thrill of exploring old London, this game is perfect for vampire and adventure game lovers. Challenge your friends to beat your highest score and download Vampire Run 3D for free today!


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