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  • Introduction

Discover the wonders of the galaxy in the new space fantasy RPG, Honkai: Star Rail. Hop aboard the Astral Express and embark on an adventure like no other. Explore diverse worlds filled with curiosities and mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Along the way, you'll meet new companions and encounter familiar faces, forging alliances to overcome the challenges caused by Stellaron. With immersive cinematics, a captivating storyline, and a cutting-edge combat system, this game offers a riveting RPG experience. Engage in battles, exploit weaknesses, and unleash powerful attacks to secure victory. Join the dream team of voice actors and dive into a universe that comes alive with every choice you make.

Features of Honkai: Star Rail:

* Pre-registration rewards: By downloading the app, users can receive up to 80 warps as a bonus for being one of the first 10 million registrants.

* Explore distinct worlds: Hop aboard the Astral Express and embark on a journey through various never-before-seen views of the galaxy. From space stations with sealed Curios to planets with eternal winters, users can discover boundless wonders at every stop.

* Immersive RPG experience: Shape the story in this galactic adventure where choices matter. The app boasts cutting-edge graphics, real-time cinematic scenes, and an innovative facial expression system that brings the characters to life. Accompanied by HOYO-MiX's original score, players will be fully immersed in this conflict and collaboration-filled universe.

* Compelling allies: Find new friends and form a trailblazing venture. Explore the ocean of stars with companions including an amnesiac girl, a noble Silvermane Guard, an indolent Cloud Knight general, and a mysterious beauty. Together, confront the Stellaron crisis and create unforgettable memories.

* Reimagining tactical combat: Engage in exciting battles with a brand new command combat system. Exploit enemies' weaknesses using Techniques and Weakness Breaks of different Types. Finish off your foes with style through powerful Ultimate attacks. Additionally, the randomly-generated mazes of the Simulated Universe offer unexpected events and unique Blessings and Curios to enhance combat abilities.

* Top-tier voice actors: Enjoy an immersive experience with professional voice actors in multiple languages. With full voice-overs, the characters transcend their virtual existence and become tangible companions, adding depth and emotion to the storyline.


With stunning visuals, a compelling storyline, and innovative gameplay mechanics, users can explore distinct worlds, build alliances, engage in tactical combat, and immerse themselves in a universe brought to life by top-tier voice acting. Join the adventure and download the Honkai: Star Rail now to unlock pre-registration rewards and start your journey to the stars!


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  • Great turn-based system, cool characters, good gacha system, incredible story and absolutely amazing character writing. The controls and mechanics are pretty easy to understand, the rewards and events are generous and fun, respectively, and the character design, character writing, and story are amazing, especially patch 2.1's writing for the character Aventurine. Definitely worth playing!
    2024-05-18 15:54:00
  • Probably the most well-made game I've played. It has interesting characters, a well written storyline, amazing graphics and animated cutscenes. Spending money on gacha isn't necessary since the game is quite generous. The issue of repetitive farming is negated due to the auto battle function. There is also a variety of late game content. I literally can't think of a single criticism! This is an awesome game!!
    2024-05-17 11:26:07
  • Another wonderful game by mihoyo. You earn characters with the good old wish system, level them up and use them to take turns in battles versus various different bosses and enemies of different difficulties. You can play completely without paying,and I have gotten as far as other people without paying. There's lots to do,such as events and levelling up your characters (there's constant farming for that) however it does all need network connection. I have heavily enjoyed playing this
    2024-05-16 12:04:36
  • I'm a day one player, the characters are absolutely amazing, the story line is so good, I also play genshin impact and whenever I wanna do smth else I'll go onto hsr to do 1 or 2 quests since these quests are honestly fun and calming, unlike genshins which are usually annoying with all the running around required, I stopped playing for a bit but even then the rewards are great and I don't feel like I missed out on to much I recommend it if you wanna have smth fun or relaxing to do!!
    2024-05-16 11:41:37
  • IT IS A GREAT GAME. Graphics are GREAT!, it's quite optimized however, there is still parts which we're not optimized. The game size. It is very not optimized and would love it if we could delete parts which we have already completed. So it would make the game smaller, but with every update, it's its 10+ gb. It's scary how most hsr players are gonna keep up with this.
    2024-05-15 23:55:58
  • Previously 1-star because of error message. Has been played since last year and so far I have good experience. The plot and the character designs are interesting. Easy material farming because it has auto function. The developer is generous too always gives free 10-pull every patch. As F2P, it's enough. My problems are sometimes there is mistranslation for EN that's different from other language. Also please let us clear previous missions to reduce storage usage.
    2024-05-15 23:37:25