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Dark Riddle 2 - Mars

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Package ID:com.neighbor.darkriddle2.mars

Developer:PAGA GAMES

  • Introduction

Dark Riddle 2 - Mars a thrilling first-person adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Explore an interactive environment filled with intriguing quests and mind-bending puzzles as you uncover the dark secrets of a suspicious neighbor. Set in an unusual city, you'll encounter fascinating characters like a quirky police officer and a seller of alien gadgets. Each item and character reveals a captivating story, leading you closer to the truth. Navigate through treacherous traps, unlock doors, and outsmart your opponents to reveal the mysteries hidden within the neighbor's house.

Features of Dark Riddle 2 - Mars:

❤️ Interactive environment: The app provides a first-person adventure experience where users can explore and interact with various elements in the environment.

❤️ Interesting quests: Users are challenged to solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of a suspicious neighbor living across the street.

❤️ Diverse characters: Throughout the game, players will encounter a police officer, a seller of alien devices, and unusual creatures, each with their own fascinating story.

❤️ Traps and obstacles: Users will need to navigate through the neighbor's house, overcoming traps, obstacles, locks, and closed doors.

❤️ In-app purchases: While the app is free, users have the option to buy certain items and abilities with real money to enhance their gameplay experience.

❤️ Support: The app offers a support system where users can contact the team with any questions or suggestions for the game.


With the option of in-app purchases and a support system readily available, this app offers an exciting and engaging experience for users. Click to download Dark Riddle 2 - Mars now and embark on your thrilling journey!


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