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  • Introduction

Welcome to Kill Shot Bravo, the ultimate online FPS sniper shooting game! Step into the shoes of an elite Special Forces soldier and prove your sharpshooting skills in intense multiplayer battles. Arm yourself with deadly sniper weapons and high-tech gear as you embark on covert missions to save the world. With over 4000 missions spanning various environments and enemy types, you'll be challenged at every turn. Engage in thrilling PvP sniper duels, join alliances for high-risk missions, and customize your avatar with cool army gear. Compete for high scores and achievements in this free online multiplayer game. Get ready to take the perfect kill shot and become a true sniper master!

Features of Kill Shot Bravo:

* Multiplayer Online FPS Game: This app allows users to play a free online FPS sniper shooting game with other players from around the world.

* Covert Missions: Users will have the opportunity to complete secret missions in various locations, including jungle mountains, Mediterranean islands, and city streets.

* Wide range of Weapons and Gear: Players can arm themselves with deadly sniper weapons, machine guns, and the latest military gear to enhance their gameplay.

* Diverse Enemy Types: Users will encounter different enemy types, each with their own strengths and combat objectives, including Flying Drones, Zombies, Mechs, and more.

* Live PVP Sniper Duels: Players can compete against other snipers in live online multiplayer matches, using their skills and heat meter to zone in on the enemy.

* Alliances and Bounty Events: Users can build alliances with other players, participate in high-risk missions, hunt bounties, and take down hordes of zombies in exclusive events.


With its wide range of missions, diverse enemy types, live PVP duels, and the ability to customize characters and gear, this app provides endless entertainment for FPS game enthusiasts. Join alliances, complete missions, and prove your skills as a sharpshooter in this exciting game. Download Kill Shot Bravo now and embark on your journey to save the world from evil forces.


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  • Literally unplayable. Is frozen and doesn't let me do anything. I've tried playing on 3 different devices and same result. Fix the game please
    2024-05-18 02:45:12
  • Unless you wanna put money into a game, don't bother? This is stupid. It is so hard to upgrade without any help from throwing money in.... So unless you're going to pay to play don't bother
    2024-05-16 17:06:29
  • First off, it is NOT a free game. Period. People need to understand that. The ad says it's a free 3d sniper game. It is not a free game. It's the exactly opposite of that. You get a few energys free each day to be able to shoot. Thats the free part. Anything beyond that, your buying the energys to be able to shoot period. If you want to move up in the ranks within this game, you'd better have a hefty credit card to play all the games within the game.
    2024-05-16 16:14:21
  • EDIT: SO i finally decided to play it. Now i completed the tutorial and Closed the game. Later upon reopening i claimed the daily reward weapon. And started playing the game. Now I am doing this again and and again. I just claimed free bullet skins and got the client progress syncing error. I am getting this error agian and again. If i do mission then client progress with sever sync error happens. I am unable to progress. My activities were undoned several times. Guys play other cool games.
    2024-05-16 15:55:50
  • it would be better if it didn't force you to spend money in order to upgrade your rifle. you should have an option to exchange gold for money on the game. uninstalling.
    2024-05-16 15:13:18
  • Very intense glitching, character turned pink along with background and some characters don't even show up. FIX THIS PLEASE!!
    2024-05-16 03:02:56