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Prince of Suburbia - Part 2 (V1.0) APK

Prince of Suburbia - Part 2 (V1.0)

Rating: 4.3







Package ID:princeofsuburbia.game.part.one

Developer:ViM Studios, Josselyn Stark

  • Introduction

Introducing "Prince of Suburbia" - a captivating adult 2D visual novel that will leave you craving for more. Dive into a world where a medical researcher, burdened by bills, must prove the safety of her fertility medication. As you navigate through the story, you'll encounter seductive ladies with devious plans. Will you succumb to their charms or turn the tables on them? But that's not all - there's a troubled character who needs your help, and unexpected houseguests who may overstay their welcome. With a mix of lewd scenes and a fun storyline, "The Game" will keep you hooked from start to finish. Download now and unleash your desires.

Prince of Suburbia - Part 2 (V1.0)

Features of Prince of Suburbia:

- Two halves of the game: The app contains the first half of the game and the second half, providing users with a complete gaming experience.

- Steam key option: Players can claim a Steam key when they purchase the app on Itch, allowing them to access the game on the Steam platform.

- User reviews: Users are encouraged to leave reviews, which help the Steam algorithm recommend the game to new players.

- Easy activation process: Activating the Steam key is a simple process, ensuring that users can quickly start playing the game on the Steam platform.

- Engaging story: The app offers a silly and fun story with lewd scenes, providing an entertaining experience for users.

- Multiple character interactions: Users can interact with various characters, including a medical researcher, devious individuals, and a person struggling with personal issues, adding depth to the gameplay.

Prince of Suburbia - Part 2 (V1.0)

Advantages & Disadvantages


Engage with an alluring and mischievous stepmother character

Explore interactions with a diverse range of other characters

Appreciate the brevity of the game

Enjoy a satisfying story and entertaining gameplay


It's essential to play the first part before delving into this installment

The overall experience remains relatively linear

Prince of Suburbia - Part 2 (V1.0)


Experience the complete game with two halves of exciting gameplay in Prince of Suburbia APK. Claim a Steam key when you purchase on Itch and activate it easily to start playing on the Steam platform. Leave your reviews to help the game reach new players. Dive into a fun and engaging story filled with lewd scenes and interact with a diverse cast of characters. Will you fall victim to their seductions or turn the tables on them? Download now and engage in an unforgettable gaming adventure.


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