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Zombie’s Retreat [v1.2.0] APK

Zombie’s Retreat [v1.2.0]

Rating: 4.1







Package ID:systems.altimit.zombiesretreat

Developer:Siren’s Domain

  • Introduction

Zombie's Retreat is an exciting action RPG that takes place at Camp Zomi, a beautiful resort nestled in the heart of the Zomi Woods. At first glance, it seems like the perfect place for a summer camping retreat, with its stunning scenery and fun activities. However, things take a terrifying turn when an evil outbreak spreads throughout the camp, turning campers into bloodthirsty zombies. As the player, it's up to you to navigate through this perilous situation, solving puzzles, slaying zombies, and protecting any survivors you come across. With its immersive gameplay and references to the Town of Passion universe, Zombie's Retreat is sure to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. Plus, the recent update adds new events and costumes for an even more thrilling adventure. Download Zombie's Retreat now and prepare to fight for your life!

Zombie’s Retreat [v1.2.0]

Features of Zombie’s Retreat [v1.2.0]:

- Explore Camp Zomi: Immerse yourself in the lush and beautiful Camp Zomi, filled with fun activities like swimming in Lake Zomi, hanging out with friends in the Rec Center, and taking refreshing hikes through beautiful trails.

- Action RPG Gameplay: Embark on an exciting adventure as a young man on a summer camping retreat, where a sudden evil outbreak puts everyone in danger. Solve puzzles, slay zombies, and protect your survivors while attempting to escape in one piece.

- Cross over and Story References: Experience a connection to the same universe as the developer's main project, Town of Passion, through crossover events and story references, adding depth and continuity to the gameplay.

- Exclusive Costume and Event: As a celebration for tying for first place in the 2022 Milf Showdown tournament, Jessie, one of the characters in the game, receives a brand new costume and event. Complete Jessie's story and unlock the new event by following specific requirements.

- Wardrobe Feature: Find a costume around Camp Zomi to unlock the wardrobe feature in your room, allowing you to customize your character's appearance and create your unique style.

- Bug Fixes and Updates: The latest update includes bug fixes to enhance the overall gaming experience. The developer has addressed player feedback and tidied up minor issues, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay.

Zombie’s Retreat [v1.2.0]

Update Log:

Version 0.18.1 Beta

-Resolved issue with facility move option

-Partners no longer appear during colosseum trials

-Tweaked water zombies in Bathhouse Brawl to prevent lingering attacks

-Enhanced clarity of projectiles

-Corrected resource requirements display in Bathhouse

-Various minor fixes

Version 0.18.0 Beta

New Scenes:

-Intimate encounters with Michelle in the Bathhouse (Meredith Bath Echo)

-Exciting encounters with Meredith in the Bathhouse (Meredith Bath Location Swap)

-Jenny offers a special massage experience (Jessie ZR1 Echo)

Version 0.17.1 Beta

-Stereo in Fiona's workshop now plays Festival District's song

-Slight changes in dialogue and NPCs

-Fixed sprites of Olivia

-Various bug fixes

Installation Instructions for Zombies Retreat:

1. Unzip the files.

2. Launch the game and start playing!


Experience the thrilling adventure of saving survivors in a zombie outbreak at Camp Zomi with the action RPG game Zombie's Retreat. Explore the beautiful surroundings, solve puzzles, and protect your allies while uncovering connections to the developer's main project, Town of Passion. Unlock exclusive costumes and events, customize your character's appearance, and enjoy the immersive gameplay of this exciting app. Download now to embark on an unforgettable adventure and be the hero in Zombie's Retreat!


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