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Speedy VPN - Private Proxy APK

Speedy VPN - Private Proxy

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Package ID:com.speedyvpning.network.proxy

Developer:speedy vpn team

  • Introduction

Speedy VPN is the ultimate solution to safeguard your online activities and protect your privacy. With just one simple click, you can connect to our lightning-fast servers and gain access to multiple locations of your choosing. Our extensive network ensures a high-speed bandwidth, guaranteeing seamless browsing, streaming, and downloading experiences. Rest assured, your security is our top priority - we neither collect any private information nor keep any logs of your activity. Plus, you won't be burdened with any registration or login procedures. Experience the super fast connections and enjoy a worry-free internet experience with this app.

Features of Speedy VPN - Private Proxy:

⭐ Lightning-fast connection: With this app, you can enjoy ultra-fast speeds for a seamless browsing experience. Say goodbye to buffering and slow loading times.

⭐ Unlimited server options: Choose from a wide range of locations to connect to. Whether you want to access geo-restricted content or enhance your online security, this app has got you covered.

⭐ Robust security and privacy: Safeguard your sensitive data with top-notch encryption and enjoy browsing without compromising your privacy. Rest assured knowing that no logs of your online activities are recorded.

⭐ Hassle-free setup: No need to go through lengthy registration or login processes. The app gets you connected with just one simple click, making it incredibly user-friendly for all.

⭐ Data protection: With this app, all your private information remains secure and encrypted, protecting you from potential cyber threats and ensuring your online safety.

⭐ Seamless experience: Enjoy a super smooth and uninterrupted user experience, thanks to Speedy VPN's high-speed bandwidth that ensures uninterrupted streaming, gaming, and downloading.


With its lightning-fast connection, unlimited server options, and robust security features, it provides a hassle-free and seamless experience for all users. Keep your data protected and enjoy unrestricted access to content with Speedy VPN today! Click now to download and discover the world of hassle-free and secure browsing.


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