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Safe VPN – Secure VPN proxy APK

Safe VPN – Secure VPN proxy

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Package ID:com.sevencoloursstudio.fast.free.safevpn

Developer:Seven colours studio

  • Introduction

Introducing Safe VPN – Secure VPN Proxy: the ultimate app that allows you to browse the internet with ease and peace of mind. With it, you can protect your identity and privacy by encrypting your data, ensuring no one can access your sensitive information. Not only that, but Safe VPN also lets you change your location with just one tap, providing you access to a global network of VPN destinations. Whether you want to enhance your online gaming experience, stream your favorite shows, or simply browse the web securely, this app has got you covered. Transform any public WiFi connection into a secure one and say goodbye to worries about the security of your data. With unlimited bandwidth and streaming, fast and stable connections, and superb support in various countries, this app is the go-to app for a private and fast VPN connection. Protect your online activities, hide your IP address, and enjoy browsing the internet with complete peace of mind.

Features of Safe VPN – Secure VPN proxy:

❤ Secure VPN Proxy: Protects your identity and privacy by encrypting your data.

❤ Location Change: Easily change your location with a single tap, giving you access to a global network of VPN destinations.

❤ Secure Public WiFi: Encrypts your data and protects your phone and personal information when using public WiFi.

❤ Unlimited Bandwidth and Streaming: Surf any site, stream videos, live sports, and TV shows around the globe with fast and high-quality servers.

❤ Better Gaming Experience: Provides low latency, stable, and fast VPN connections for an improved gaming experience.

❤ Stable Connection: Ensures a high-speed and stable VPN connection for uninterrupted browsing and streaming.


Safe VPN Proxy is the ultimate solution to browse the internet securely and easily. With its advanced features like secure encryption, location change, and protection on public WiFi, this app guarantees your privacy and data safety. It offers unlimited bandwidth and streaming capabilities, allowing you to access any content from around the world. Moreover, it enhances your gaming experience with low latency servers. Experience a stable and fast connection with this app. Download now and enjoy a secure and fast VPN browsing experience!


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