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Aegis VPN - Fast Secure Proxy APK

Aegis VPN - Fast Secure Proxy

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Package ID:com.lightergamestudio.aegisvpn

Developer:Lighter Game Studio

  • Introduction

Introducing Aegis VPN, your ultimate solution for securing networks and safeguarding online privacy. This free app simplifies complex settings, offering robust VPN encryption to protect your data and ensure private browsing. Forget concerns over public Wi-Fi; Aegis VPN enables anonymous browsing with an easy IP address changer to keep your location concealed. Committed to privacy, it avoids logging any activity. The app excels as a mobile VPN with one-click protection on Android, providing seamless unblocking of geo-restricted content and encrypted data transmission. Opt for the ad-free pro version for an uninterrupted experience. Download now for a stress-free online journey. Share your thoughts with us – we value your feedback!

Features of Aegis VPN - Fast Secure Proxy:

- Easy to use: The app is designed to be user-friendly and requires just one tap to turn on and start using.

- Powerful online security: With this app, you can protect your data and keep your online activities private with VPN encryption.

- Secure Wi-Fi connections: Enjoy a secure connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots and browse anonymously wherever you go.

- Privacy protection: The app ensures your privacy by providing an IP address changer and keeping your IP address and location private.

- No activity or connection logs: The app follows a strict privacy policy and does not collect any activity logs or connection logs.

- Large server network: With access to servers in 10+ countries, this app allows you to browse geo-restricted content and enjoy a more open internet experience.


Aegis VPN is a free and user-friendly app that provides powerful online security, privacy protection, and access to a large network of servers. With easy-to-use features and a strict no-logging policy, this app is the perfect tool to ensure your online privacy and security. Download now and enjoy a secure and private internet experience.


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  • Its so good
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  • The best BPN bar none.
    2024-06-22 23:57:13