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10X VPN : Fast & Stable VPN APK

10X VPN : Fast & Stable VPN

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Package ID:com.plavlabs.vpn

Developer:PLAV Labs

  • Introduction

Introducing the 10X VPN app, your go-to solution for fast and secure browsing and streaming. With this app, you can unlock unlimited access to blocked content from anywhere on the internet. Say goodbye to firewalls and censorship as you bypass them effortlessly with an alternative identity. Enjoy smooth streaming and fast gaming with just a single click. Plus, you'll have unlimited bandwidth and a secure proxy to protect your online privacy. This app also offers a wide range of servers around the world, allowing you to change your IP address and location at will. Experience a new world of browsing with 10X VPN!

Features of 10X VPN : Fast & Stable VPN:

- Unlimited Browsing and Streaming: Enjoy free, fast, and anonymous browsing and streaming.

- Global Access: Access blocked content worldwide with efficient and fast proxy servers.

- High-Speed Connectivity: Connect to nearest and fastest servers for smooth streaming and gaming.

- Secure Online Privacy: Protect your identity with unlimited bandwidth and a new IP address.

- Bypass Restrictions: Easily bypass firewalls and geo-restrictions to access any content.

- Worldwide Server Network: Choose from over 60 servers globally, including premium options like USA, UK, Japan, and more.

Tips for Users:

Take advantage of the unlimited bandwidth offered by 10X VPN to enjoy unrestricted browsing and streaming.

Use the app's fast and secure VPN servers to access blocked websites and apps, as well as to stream content at high speed.

Ensure your online privacy and protect your personal information by using 10X VPN's powerful shield against cyber-attacks.

Utilize the app's ability to bypass firewalls and cross geographical restrictions to access content from anywhere in the world.

Take advantage of the app's built-in IP changer and location changer to browse the internet privately and change your virtual location.


With 10X VPN, you can enjoy unlimited browsing and streaming with a fast and stable VPN app. The app offers a range of features, including unlimited proxy and bandwidth, access to blocked sources, fast streaming and gaming, secure internet access, bypassing firewalls and geo-restrictions, worldwide servers, encryption of traffic, and the ability to change IP and location. With its handy and user-centric interface, the app makes it easy to connect with just a single tap. Take advantage of this free app to enhance your online privacy and enjoy a seamless browsing experience. Download now to experience the new world of fast and secure VPN browsing.


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