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Getflix - Fast VPN Proxy APK

Getflix - Fast VPN Proxy

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Package ID:com.digiport.getflix.vpn


  • Introduction

Getflix presents an exceptional VPN application for seamless and secure internet navigation. Whether you're abroad craving access to home country media or aiming to unlock geo-blocked OTT platforms, it is your solution. Boasting over 50 global VPN servers, it allows effortless browsing by altering your Android phone's IP address. Ideal for gaming and streaming, Getflix offers a swift connection and low latency proxy network. Safeguarding your privacy with its "hide my IP" feature, it ensures safe and anonymous browsing. Enjoy the intuitive interface, one-click VPN connectivity, and customizable themes. Download now for limitless, fast, and secure internet access on your Android device!

Features of Getflix - Fast VPN Proxy:

Private VPN Servers: The app ensures that your browsing remains private all the time by changing your IP address and enabling a safe search.

Fast and Reliable VPN: This VPN is perfect for gaming, video streaming, and browsing with its fast speed and optimal latency.

Multiple Countries VPN Servers: Change your IP address and DNS to the desired location and enjoy access to all unblocked websites.

Easy to Use: With just one click, you can connect to the VPN and choose a location of your choice. You can also set favorite locations for easier access.

Amazing User Interface: The app offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to switch between dark mode and light mode.

Tips for Users:

Use the VPN for gaming: Getflix provides low latency proxy networks that allow you to play multiplayer mobile games without any lag.

Access streaming platforms: Use this app to bypass geographical restrictions and access streaming platforms that are not available in your country.

Ensure privacy while browsing: Use the "hide my IP" feature to browse the internet privately and securely.


Getflix VPN Proxy is the ultimate solution for browsing foreign websites, accessing blocked content, and ensuring privacy and security while online. With its private VPN servers, fast and reliable speed, multiple countries VPN servers, easy-to-use interface, and gaming-friendly features, this app offers a superior VPN experience. Upgrade to Getflix Premium for even faster servers, ad-free browsing, 24/7 priority support, and unlimited VPN service for a lifetime. Download now and enjoy the fastest, most secure, and private internet browsing experience.


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