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Mocha: Unlimited Entertainment

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Package ID:com.viettel.mocha.app

  • Introduction

Introducing Mocha: Unlimited Entertainment! With over 16 million young friends waiting to connect, Mocha is the place to be for music lovers, movie buffs, and chit chat enthusiasts. But that's not all – this month, when you install Mocha, you'll receive FREE hi-speed 3G/4G internet and a range of exclusive features. Enjoy free SMS, make calls to non-Mocha users, watch HD blockbuster movies, listen to millions of songs, and even engage in HD quality video calls – all in one app. Plus, impress your friends with hilarious voice stickers that will surely leave a lasting impact. Don't miss out on this kooool opportunity – download Mocha today and join the fun!

Features of Mocha: Unlimited Entertainment:

❤️ Free hi-speed 3G/4G internet for this month: By installing Mocha this month, you will receive free internet to experience its unique features. This allows you to browse and enjoy the app without worrying about data usage.

❤️ Free 5000 SMS/month to all Viettel subscribers: Stay connected with your friends and family by sending free SMS through Mocha. No need to worry about running out of text messages anymore.

❤️ Make friends with strangers: Join Mocha's community of 16 million young friends and connect with millions of people waiting to listen to music and chat with you. Expand your social circle and meet new people with similar interests.

❤️ Watch blockbuster movies: Enjoy a wide selection of Vietnamese, American, and Korean simulcasting movies, as well as exclusive movies. Mocha offers free HD streaming of the latest and most popular films.

❤️ Listen to millions of songs: Access Keeng.vn's biggest music store in Vietnam and listen to a vast collection of songs. Discover new music and create playlists to suit your mood.

❤️ Watch comedy and parody videos: Explore thousands of favorite Vietnamese channels and enjoy comedy and parody videos from popular creators. Laugh along with Kem Xoi, Cua Me, FapTV, Vanh Leg, and more.


Mocha: Unlimited Entertainment offers a wide range of features to enhance your digital content experience. With free internet, SMS, movies, music, and videos, as well as the opportunity to make new friends, Mocha is a must-have app for those seeking entertainment and connection. Download Mocha now to enjoy all these amazing features and join a vibrant community of young friends.


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  • good
    2024-06-27 05:18:20
  • bị lỗi tình trạng online, không kiếm được bạn tại khu vực cụ thể Nearby functions does not support location filtering
    2024-06-26 09:34:02
  • good
    2024-06-25 17:27:10
  • Cũng hay nên ủng hộ
    2024-06-25 17:15:33
  • Đôi lúc gọi free ra ngoài mạng di động bị sóng kém mặc dù là 4G còn dung lượng cao và đầy sóng. Mong là sẽ fix sớm
    2024-06-25 15:10:13
  • tại sao không còn tính năng đọc truyện tranh nữa
    2024-06-25 14:20:56