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  • Introduction

Experience a revolution in movement with the Hyperice App. This innovative app, powered by HyperSmart™ technology, unleashes the full potential of your Hyperice products. Say goodbye to generic routines and hello to expert guidance tailored specifically to your needs. HyperSmart™ synchronizes your physical and digital activities, integrating data from your daily activity, Strava, Garmin, and other health and fitness apps. The result? Personalized recommendations that align perfectly with your body's requirements. With this app, you can effortlessly operate your Bluetooth® connected Hyperice devices, access curated routines, and enjoy pro-level features. Gain knowledge and insights from world-class athletes, physical therapists, sports medicine professionals, and elite trainers, all dedicated to helping you achieve peak performance. It's time to unlock the best version of yourself.

Features of Hyperice:

- Personalized recommendations: The app uses HyperSmart™ technology to analyze your physical and digital activity, including data from Strava and Garmin, to provide personalized recommendations that align with your body's needs.

- Expert guidance: Gain access to warmup, maintenance, and recovery routines from the world's best athletes. Follow along as they guide you step-by-step, ensuring you get the most out of your Hyperice products.

- Bluetooth device control: Connect your Bluetooth® enabled Hyperice devices to the app and effortlessly start a routine. With HyperSmart™, let the app do the thinking as it curates routines and provides pro-level features for maximum effectiveness.

- Health insights: Benefit from wellness insights provided by leading health professionals, such as physical therapists, sports medicine professionals, and elite trainers. Their knowledge is designed to optimize both your body and mind.

- Motivation and accountability: Get the added motivation you need to unlock the best version of yourself. The app keeps you accountable by tracking your progress and providing the motivation you need to stay consistent.

- Seamless integration: The app seamlessly integrates with your Hyperice products, allowing you to move and do more of what you love with ease.


Hyperice App revolutionizes the way you move and take care of your body. By providing personalized recommendations, expert guidance from the world's best athletes and health professionals, Bluetooth device control, and a seamless integration with your Hyperice products, this app is your ultimate personal trainer. With the added motivation and accountability features, this app empowers you to achieve your fitness goals and unleash the best version of yourself. Click to download now and transform your fitness journey!


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  • Buggy and the timer is very unintuitive
    2024-06-25 19:22:20
  • Basic info on the product. They got lazy when they could have put together an amazing package Why the hell for I need to order a bag that should come with the product. Please explained pressure. You only indicated how to turn it on now the proper usage etc etc
    2024-06-25 14:06:45
  • Device "range" is horrible. Sometimes it works 5 feet away, sometimes it DOESN'T work 5 inches away. Also, programs are failing to load much more frequently.
    2024-06-25 03:35:50
  • App won't connect with device (Hyperice Go) so the app is useless and the device is mediocre without being able to control with phone. All around bad products.
    2024-06-24 13:12:46
  • The phone just keep on locking the screen and stopping the routine in the middle of it, the app should be able to keep running with the screen on when you are using it.
    2024-06-24 07:09:59
  • Worst experience with an app ever. If you have an option of purchasing a similar product from a different brand/company, please do.
    2024-06-23 11:31:57